New Zealand Online Casinos

In 2011, online casino games in New Zealand are still gaining steady popularity despite the government’s failed attempt at monopolizing the industry. Although the Gaming and Racing Act of 2003 is often pointed at as a form of ban on online gaming all together, cyber casinos are not singled out anywhere within this document. That means gambling fans throughout the region are still free to choose when and where they feel like placing online wagers; a fact that will not likely change any time soon. Here’s what else you need to know about the best New Zealand online casinos in 2018-

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New Zealand Email Campaigns

For starters, it appears that many of the world’s online casino chains are targeting New Zealand email addresses whenever possible, and the vast majority of those direct advertisements are coming from less than reputable establishments. While it may seem like the person is gambling after money is deposited, they are actually playing at a spoof site that is only there to steal money from unsuspecting victims. There have been tens of thousands of fraudulent online casinos created in 2018 so consumers should really try to stick to the reputable sites that are listed above.

Social Media Advertising

Likewise, unscrupulous online casino owners have also turned to social media venues like Facebook and Twitter to advertise their fake products. When spotted, these types of sites should be reported to the NZ Gaming Commission as quickly as possible to help others avoid this online scam. In most cases, New Zealand will IP ban the website so that it can no longer be accessed from anywhere within the country. There have been tens of thousands of fraudulent online casinos created in 2018 so consumers should really try to stick to the reputable sites that are listed above.

Future New Zealand Gambling Laws

Sometime in the fairly near future, the New Zealand government will be forced to respect the wishes of local residents and fully regulate the online gaming industry. Do not expect to see government-backed online casinos in 2018 or 2018, but even the NZ Gaming Commission realizes how much tax revenue is generated from the industry from other successful countries. While it may take another three to five years before plans are in place for fully legalized, regulated NZ cyber-gaming, it is almost a certainty at this point that it will happen.

The Future for New Zealand Gamblers

For now, online gambling remains in a completely grey area; it is definitely frowned upon by the NZ government but criminal penalties are not enforced either. The reason behind this is simple; it would not make any sense at all for the government to drive away avid gamblers that already frequent many of the best online casinos around. To do so would literally doom their own future within the industry and that’s one step that they are simply not prepared to take with that much tax revenue at stake.

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