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Who said 6/7 suited is not a better starting hand than a pair of aces? Well, okay…just about everyone says that and they’re probably right most of the time; but statistically that 6/7 will win twenty out of every one hundred hands. That’s not something you’d want to bet on often, especially behind a raise, but when it feels like those two cards are actually speaking to you then sometimes you just have to bet it and hope for the best.

The truth of the matter is that poker is far more than just statistics and probabilities; all of us have moved all-in at one time or another with the nuts and watched a horrible call beat us on the river. Even when a hand has a mere 5-10% overall chance of winning; that does not mean it’s impossible or even improbable. There is absolutely no way to tell what the next few cards out of the shoe will be, which is why we’re talking about let it ride poker sites to begin with.

Recently, we’ve searched our databases and compiled all of the emails where we’ve run statistics for our readers about letting it ride and taking an ultra aggressive approach towards opponents. Hopefully you’ll pick up just a touch of wisdom from our calculations and we can help you determine when to bet big or when to run.

What kinds of tables should I look for at some of these let it ride poker sites?

You’ll want to find tables that play similar to your own play style, meaning that you should check the lobby for tables that see a huge number of hands per hour with very big pot limits. This signals that the table has at least two very aggressive players who will move all-in frequently.

It is also important to avoid tables with lower average pots or a small hand per hour ratio because going all-in against conservative players is quite a risky move. Sure, you’ll steal plenty of blinds and dominate the table from the start, but chances are likely that you’ll be starting out behind before the flop when someone does eventually call.

How do I know if a hand is good enough to let it ride?

That’s an impossible question to answer without diving deep into statistics so we’ll try to keep our answer fairly basic. A pre-flop pair has a 51% or better chance of winning if another player does not have a pocket higher pair; even if you’re betting a pair of 2’s against A/K suited. A/K suited will win almost 60% of the time against any non-pair, while a suited connector such as J/10 of clubs is just about a coin toss against any two non-suited cards.

The thing about statistics that most people forget is that anything can happen on a flop. Surely you’ve limped in pre-flop with 4/8 offsuit before only to be sitting there with a full house a second later…that’s just how it happens sometimes.

When is the best time to let it ride?

That really depends on the table you’re playing at and how the other players around you are betting. If others are forcing the action pre-flop then you have little choice but to bet big or fold, but you’re also completely free to find another table if you’re not comfortable with the speed at which the hands are being played. Of course, patience in these types of situations can also pay off big, so if you’re able to stick it out and fold enough hands until a big one comes along, that’s the way to go.

On the other hand, there are usually plenty of tables with amateurs that will call your bet anytime that they have top pair….regardless of what the board is actually showing. If you see one of your competitors make a stupid call on the turn or the river, store that information away in the back of your mind and hope that you end up in the same situation against them later on.

What are some of the better let it ride poker sites?

What you’re really looking for is a legitimate poker website that has plenty of newbie players that bet foolishly, and unfortunately there just aren’t too many of those around these days. Places like Party Poker, and Full Tilt have so many hustlers skimming off those sites that there’s really not any money to be made there if you’re looking to play ultra aggressive, but we still know of a few that should meet your criteria.

The first is undoubtedly Ultimate Bet, because most of their members play ridiculously loose in both tournament and regular stakes games. Part of that has to do with all of the professionals that play there on a daily basis; for some reason people think that just because they saw a pro bluff a big pot on television, they will automatically play every hand the exact same way. The thing is though, there may be thirty to fifty professional playing poker at UB at any given time, and most of them are going to be at the absolute highest stakes tables. All of the other rooms are ripe for the picking.

Our other let it ride poker site would be Sportsbook Poker, simply because they have been around for so long. Most of the rooms offer normal, balanced play but there are several thousand players there that do nothing but move all-in on every hand. To them it’s more of a rush letting fate decide the outcome of each round, so don’t be shocked when you see someone with Q/3 offsuit bet a ridiculous amount of money. The key to playing these types of tables at Sportsbook Poker is to pace yourself, wait for the right hand, and give yourself the maximum opportunity to double up every time.

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