Sports Betting At The Venetian

The Venetian Resort is easily one of most exclusive hotels in Las Vegas, with five star accommodations and service found throughout the massive hotel. From the stunning views along the shops on the Grand Canal to the free shows that take place right in the lobby for everyone to enjoy, you likely will not find a more beautiful resort in Sin City. Add to that the star power that this resort draws and you’ll be wagering with some pretty exclusive company; this destination is certainly designed with high rollers and wealthy executives in mind. With renewed expansion efforts, the Venetian is also once again on track to reclaim the title of the largest hotel destination in the world.

Venetian Sportsbook- The Good

When it comes to the Venetian sportsbook, it has the same comfort and beauty that you’d expect to find in a hotel of this caliber. Over 100 television screens cover the walls throughout the sports betting complex. They say that there really is not a bad seat in the house, and we can personally verify that visitors can sit almost anywhere and have an excellent view of sporting matches from all over the world.

The pari-mutuel betting on horses and greyhounds is also included in the same room at the Venetian, but unlike other casinos they tend to focus their efforts on sports betting. While the ponies are easily viewable on some of the side screens, the larger, premiere televisions are usually reserved for key match-ups in the NFL, NBA, or NHL. The Venetian does accept wagers on other sports like boxing, tennis, rugby, and mixed martial arts as well; all of these events can be viewed simultaneously.

Another huge plus when it comes to the Venetian’s sports betting is the staff; we can honestly say that we have never witnessed a higher quality of service in any casino around the world. There is never a wait in line to place your wagers, your drinks are replaced before they are even 3/4 empty, and there are plenty of sports betting experts to answer any question that you could come up with. The service at the Venetian is truly a five-star experience for all guests.

Venetian Sportsbook- The Bad

Although this is easily one of our favorite Vegas casinos when it comes to sports betting, there are several annoyances here as well. The most obvious flaw is the actual location in the casino; the sportsbook appears to be almost an afterthought because it is packed way back at the far end of the casino. From the valet out front, it will take you fifteen minutes or better just to reach the sports betting area; many gamblers who are rushing for a last minute bet will not even bother stopping by this casino.

Another small problem with the Venetian is the size of the actual sportsbook room; it pales in size to the rest of the hotel and can only accommodate about seventy gamblers. Although it is not the smallest sportsbook in Vegas by far, it certainly was not designed to cater to the masses.

Venetian Sportsbook- Overall

In all honesty, the negatives associated with the Venetian sportsbook really pale in comparison to the overall levels of service that customers receive. Sure, it may be a bit of a walk and you’ll definitely have to dress the part (definitely not casual dress), but customers at the Venetian are treated exceptionally well when compared to the other hotspots in Sin City. Even if you do not stay at the Venetian on your next visit, it is definitely worth a trip to check out the Grand Canal and the luxury of their sports betting services.

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