Ubuntu Roulette

Roulette is one of the most played games in online casinos and it’s because roulette is such an easy game to play. Rather then having to learn a bunch of strategies and systems, roulette players rely on luck. Some players try and use their own systems to help them win in roulette, but the game is based on luck. One way that you can try and stay profitable while playing roulette is by making sure that you manage your bankroll and have strict betting management rules that you follow.

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The majority of people that want to play online roulette have no problems at all because they can simply download the casino software onto their computer and begin playing. If you’re a Linux user and you’ve tried playing online roulette before you’ve probably experienced a lot of difficulties trying to find an online casino that supports users that use Linux. Ubuntu is the most used operating system on Linux machines and we’re going to show you exactly how to begin playing online roulette on your Ubuntu OS.

How to Play Online Roulette on the Ubuntu OS?

Playing online roulette on Ubuntu has become easier then ever before with the development of instant play casinos. If you’ve never heard of the term instant play casino, it simply describes a new java based casino client that can be played online in your own web browser, rather than having to download software to your computer. At the moment there aren’t any online casinos out there that have a Ubuntu compatible casino client that you can download. The only way that you can play online roulette on the Ubuntu OS without using any other applications is by playing in a no download instant play casino.

The other way that you can play online roulette on the Ubuntu OS is by downloading an application that allows you to run Windows programs. The most popular application that’s compatible with Ubuntu that’ll allow you to run any Windows software that you want on your computer is Wine. When you’ve installed Wine onto your computer you can take the .exe file from any casino software and run it through the Wine program. When you’re done installing the casino software you should be able to open and run the casino through the Wine program. This method is more difficult then playing an instant play casino, so if you’re looking to start playing now without any inconveniences, you should definitely use the 1st method I described above.

Where to Play Ubuntu Roulette?

The best place to play roulette using the Ubuntu OS is PlayersOnly Casino. Not only can you start playing instantly using their no download casino, but I’ve also played in their casino through Wine in the past. The software wasn’t difficult to download and it ran without any problems or lag. Years ago it was nearly impossible to play online roulette for Ubuntu users, but now anyone running Ubuntu is free to play online roulette whenever they want.

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