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Most Linux users know their operating system well enough to trust that it can do just about anything that Windows can do (and some things it can’t), but it’s natural for people considering a less common program like Ubuntu to worry and wonder if it will support all of their online hobbies – like poker, for instance. If you’re an avid online poker player, then having to give up your regular Texas Hold’em sessions would probably be a deal breaker, even if it would otherwise improve your other time online.

Why would anyone choose to use a less common operating system like Ubuntu? The reasons are more plentiful and logical than you might have predicted. The two biggest reasons that computer users choose Ubuntu are 1) it’s free and 2) it gives you complete control over your operating system, its size and what it does for you. Anyone that’s purchased a computer preloaded with Windows can attest to how frustrating it can be to see that a large percentage of your memory has already been assigned to your operating system. Plus you then have to go through and remove all the unnecessary programs that have been tacked on with Windows.

Ubuntu users start out with a bare bones platform and then add on the applications that offer them only the services and functions they need. If online Texas Hold’em is one of your computer’s primary functions, then Ubuntu has an application for that too. Wine is the best program Ubuntu users can download to get access to regular online poker rooms. Wine basically emulates Windows when downloading poker software. While the Wine emulator isn’t perfect and won’t allow you the same accessibility across the board, it has proven effective at supporting the software of most major poker rooms.

It goes without saying that the largest percentage of poker players are also Window users, so that’s the target audience for most poker rooms, but the rooms with real foresight are already working on ways to include other members of the poker playing community, like Ubuntu users. If you’re already an Ubuntu user and you’ve tried Wine at your preferred poker site without success and/or don’t want to download another application, then you still have options. Most major online poker rooms now offer flash versions of their sites to cater to Mac and mobile users, and Ubuntu users can take advantage of these instant versions also to get their daily Texas Hold’em fix.

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