Ubuntu Online Casinos

If you run a Linux machine, chances are good that you’re familiar with the Ubuntu operating system. Ubuntu was first released in 2004, and has quickly grown to become the most popular Linux OS for desktop users. With over 12 million users, Ubuntu has at least half of the Linux market, in large part because it’s free to use and was designed with typical computer users in mind – not programmers.

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Many Ubuntu users have concerns, though, when it comes to playing in online casinos. Since there are no specifically designed Ubuntu casinos, there are questions about online casino Linux compatibility, and which casinos are available to Linux users.

Luckily for Ubuntu users, there are two very reliable ways to start playing in online casinos while still utilizing their favorite OS. In fact, these solutions work with any Linux distribution, or any other operating system you might decide to use in the future.

Browser Based Casinos

The first solution is the “instant play” or browser-based version of casino software. While this was once a selling point for the few casinos that had one, these days no download casino software is available at almost any casino site. While these instant play casinos are great for players who are on the go, or those who simply don’t want to download casino software onto a work or home computer, they also make the perfect solution for anyone who is running a non-Windows operating system.

Here’s how it works. Simply open an account at any major online casino, such as 7Red Casino or Casino Titan. Point your favorite web browser to the site, click on the “play now” or “instant play” link, and you’ll be able to immediately start playing in the casino! It’s as easy as that, and should work with any web browser, as long as your software is up to date.

Windows Compatibility Software

The only downside to using the browser-based version of a casino’s software is that there are often fewer games available to you, and that some of the features of the downloadable casino may not be present in the instant play version. But since most online casinos only offer a downloadable software client for Windows, what is an Ubuntu user to do?

The easiest answer is Wine. No, we don’t expect you to get drunk before you gamble – Wine is a software application for Linux that will allow you to run Windows programs in Ubuntu. After installing Wine (the program is absolutely free), you’ll be able to run just about any Windows program on your Linux system, including most online casino programs. In some cases, you may need to play around with options and settings to get the casino programs to work correctly, and in rare instances, you may not have full functionality. However, most online casino software programs should work without any major issues through Wine.

These two options allow the Ubuntu user to enjoy playing at any online casino of their choice. If you’re technically savvy, Wine will probably be a breeze for you to use and provides you with more options; for the average user, using a browser-based casino will probably be a simpler solution. Either way, Ubuntu casinos are now a reality, and concerns about online casino Linux compatibility should be a thing of the past.

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