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Below are the safest roulette sites for 2018. We can vouch for the fairness of these sites.

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If you gather twenty serious roulette players in a single room and ask them how they make wagers on their favorite game, you’d probably get at least ten to fifteen different answers. To confuse the situation even more, each of them would probably tell you that their method is proven to be a guaranteed money maker that anyone could use to their advantage on any roulette table in the world.

Of course, other experts will tell you that roulette certainly can not be beaten because of the strong house edge stemming from the zeroes. The entire board is either red or black except for that one little section with either one or two green boxes (depending on which rule-set you play), yet those spaces completely throw the odds in the casino’s direction up to almost eight percent. Everyone loses big when green is revealed as the winner, which has about a 2.8% chance of happening on any spin (or slightly less than double that on a table with two zeroes). While these facts can not be denied, how is it that so many players keep winning big at roulette if they are true?

Gamblers look at a roulette table in two distinct ways. The first group of people will tell you that it’s a game of doubling up; either pick a color or an odd/even and let your money ride. Once you’re up a little bit of money, then you can start picking sectional bets or specific numbers to increase your chances of winning…but only when you’re playing with the casino’s money. Other roulette strategists say to play sections of the board to maximize wins while limiting your losses. That means not only covering a bet on odd/even and red/black, but also playing certain rows and number combinations to give you a number of possibilities each spin. While some of your bets will definitely lose, these will be offset by the gains from the other bets.

So which method is better? There’s really not an answer to that since both methods can make a whole lot of money in a hurry. The bigger decision when it comes to online roulette is finding casinos that actually have fair tables and great security, plus a history of consistent payouts. Most players are also looking for roulette games under the European rule-set since it only has one zero.

Here are a few of the safest roulette casinos on the internet that meet the above qualifications. On top of the things already mentioned, we also paid close attention to each casino’s level of customer service, the amount of players that gamble there weekly, and any other incentives that are offered.

Best Roulette Site : Casino Titan

Casino Titan is a relative newcomer to the world of online gambling and roulette, which is probably why they are running some ridiculous promotions at this very moment. In fact, they’re currently offering up to a 400% deposit bonus for new players at their website…I don’t ever recall seeing an offer that generous.

As far as the roulette itself goes, Casino Titan is a very fair place to play. Their tables use random number emulators to mimic the spins on an actual roulette table so that players always have an even chance at winning. The customer service is also very good as well…which you’d naturally expect from a casino that is giving away so much money just to get people to try them out.

Rome Casino

By now you’ve probably heard about Rome Casino from other players around the internet. Their roulette tables offer very consistent play with a software package that is guaranteed to remain completely random, so each bet has a chance of winning very close to the actual odds offered. They also offer a number of side bets that you will not find anywhere else on the net, and the deposit bonuses at this website is truly second to none.

What really makes Rome Casino the roulette dealer of choice is their loyalty bonus; players can qualify for the upper tiers very quickly. Tens of thousands of dollars in cash, exclusive tournament entries, and fabulous vacations are given to Rome Casino’s roulette players every month on top of their regular winnings, and there’s no reason why you can not be a part of that exclusive group of gamblers.


WinPalace is another great place to play roulette under a very favorable rule-set. Thousands of players of all skill levels try their luck here ever single day because WinPalace has always gone out of their way to create a truly memorable experience for everyone. Their deposit bonuses are also very generous.

Then again, you’d be hard pressed to find any casino game at WinPalace that is not among the industry leaders in overall payouts and customer satisfaction. Their staff is on-site 24 hours a day to answer any questions that may arise during the course of your stay with them and they are also lightning fast in clearing deposits or withdrawals.

7 Red

One of the first things you’ll notice at 7Red is their great innovative graphics that give you that real-casino feel. The roulette tables are especially appealing with four different types of games and very generous odds at each of them. Another thing that stands out about this casino is the way that each of the games really has a professional touch in the layouts and menus so that players really feel in control of the action.

Since 7Red is another relative newcomer to the online world of gaming, they have really fought to take the top spot in the hearts of roulette players with great deposit bonuses, a very attractive loyalty program, and fantastic customer service. Even though this casino is not fully established like some of the bigger names in virtual gaming, it is definitely worth giving a try.

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