Best Online Casino VIP Rewards

It’s kind of funny when we talk to people about casino loyalty programs; most of you will say that the program you’re enrolled in over in Atlantic City or Vegas is simply spectacular. The only problem is, when we ask you what they have actually given you, we hear responses about room comps and free buffet meals. Then you proceed to tell us that you only lost $300 while staying there on a free weekend (besides the $600 airfare that went on a credit card, of course), so really you ended up breaking just about even. That’s not even close to being a loyalty reward- it’s more like legalized robbery.

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Online casino rewards work a little bit differently because there is no cost involved with allowing you the privilege to gamble. There are no last-minute flights to catch and no valet parking attendants to tip either, so the gaming establishments in cyberspace are a lot more direct when taking care of their clientele. Here are just a few of the perks you can expect from the above online casinos-

Plenty of Real Freebies

Let’s start with the obvious, because even though things like MP3 players, smartphones, and televisions are certainly not elite rewards by any means, we can think of few people who would turn them down. Each of the VIP loyalty programs listed above give away these types of gifts almost daily to their average, everyday gambler as a simple thank you for frequenting their establishment.

Likewise, high rollers at the above online casinos can look forward to much more elite gifts for their patronage; some on the better known online casinos give their members all-expense paid vacations, automobiles, real-world professional tournament entries, and a whole lot of other great prizes. Again, the only qualification for any of these gifts is to play at a reputable online casino like the ones listed above.

Plenty of Free Cash

Likewise, when was the last time that a popular Vegas casino handed you $100 and told you to go have fun with it? Reputable online casinos do this every single day in the form of instant deposit bonuses, and the only catch is that you have to wager it inside their establishment. Many smart players will even gamble only with the deposit bonuses they receive and never even risk their own money, and there is no reason why you could not do the exact same thing.

Of course, when we’re talking about VIP loyalty rewards for high rollers, then the whole bonus discussion changes quite dramatically. Did you know that some online gaming destinations have what they call profit sharing? This means that once you wager a certain amount on their website, the online casino will guarantee to hand you cold hard cash each month just for being a member. There are no restrictions on this money and it doesn’t even have to be gambled…it’s simply free cash.

Real Customer Service

Then again, for any online casino loyalty program to work there has to be some great staff members behind it to ensure that customers receive the gifts and freebies that they deserve. All of our recommended online gambling destinations on this site have truly world-class customer service representatives that administer their casino’s loyalty rewards program, so whenever you need help they are only a phone call away. If you’ve ever tried to deal with customer service in Vegas or Atlantic City, then you know exactly how big of a perk this really is.

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