Low Ante Online Casinos

Have you ever wondered what in the heck some of these gaming websites were thinking when they came up with $1,000 buy-ins and ridiculously high table minimums? This type of marketing method is one of the oldest tricks in the book to make gamblers feel like they are not wagering enough, and in our opinion is it completely ridiculous. Think about it for a moment; you’ll have the exact same odds and chances of winning regardless of whether you wager $1 or $500, so this type of gimmick shouldn’t fool anyone. Here are a few other facts you should know about low cost casinos for when you’re betting on a budget-

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Deposit Bonuses

A lot of online casinos will offer exclusive deposit bonuses whenever players transfer a certain amount of money to their websites, and sometimes this may actually seem like a genuine value. To put it in perspective though, think about when your wife (or mom/sister) comes home from the store and says that they shelled out $300 because they actually saved more than they spent. No matter how you look at it, that’s $300 out the window and it’s not coming back anytime soon.

Online casino deposits work exactly the same way- you gain a bonus depending on the amount of money that you pay in. If $50 is all you feel comfortable depositing then that’s what you should go with; ignore all of those other promotional ads that are designed into tricking you to deposit more.

Loyalty Rewards

Likewise, VIP loyalty rewards can sometimes work exactly the same way. Some online casinos are real big on emailing their customers and saying things like, “You only have to wager another 41 hands before you increase to the next VIP level!” The part they leave out, of course, is that you’d have to wager $250 per hand in order to make that happen in the time period that they mentioned. These are the types of scams that give legitimate online casinos such a bad name, but you can rest assured that none of our recommended online gaming sites uses these types of tactics.

Instead, they simply make it a lot easier for the average gambler to advance in loyalty levels. Now, they may not give away sports cars and ultimate dream vacations like that other site you visited, but then again you never would have qualified for gifts of that stature anyway. Our recommended online casinos give excellent rewards for casual, low-wager gamblers, and they never look down on you for playing $1-5 hands.

Payout Structures

The biggest scam we’ve seen so far from some of these alleged “cheap” casinos out there are their actual withdrawal policies. Now it’s bad enough that they lie to you about the deposit bonus and their VIP rewards, but a lot of them will also go out of their way to keep from paying you a single cent that you earned inside their casino as well. We’ve seen them tell customers to request funds on a certain day, to play more hands in order to become eligible, or even that the money has already been sent out when it really wasn’t.

All of our recommended online casinos have very simple payout options for everyone, so it doesn’t matter if you’re wagering $1 per hand at blackjack or $10,000 on the roulette wheel. You’ll be treated the exact same either way, which is why we recommend the gaming establishments that you see above. For budget casino destinations, they are certainly your best bet.

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