Casino Giveaways

The other day, one of our loyal readers emailed that he found out his local casino had a new scratch-off game that was giving away a free Lincoln Navigator valued at just under $59,000.00. The lottery tickets were being sold $10 each, and the casino limited their run of scratch offs to 25,000 so somebody was sure to win the Navigator quickly. The part that our reader failed to mention, however, was that there were no other prizes being offered and the casino was collecting almost $200,000 profit in their casino giveaway.

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Now, from a consumer perspective, a 1:25,000 chance may appear pretty darn good, but if you calculate the math a little bit more there’s no way around the 236% profit that the casino has given itself. From a pure gambling standpoint, this is a lousy bet. At the same time, however, where else are you going to earn a luxury vehicle off of $10? This article will help you spot these kinds of casino giveaways and contests so you’ll know which ones are worth pursuing.

Themed Casino Giveaways – One Time Gifts

Casinos do stuff like this all of the time to bring patrons into their casino; they’ll give away a completely free $2-10 gift as you walk in the door. While these items may seem cheap and inexpensive, it’s hard to beat the price tag. Watch your local newspapers and your favorite gambling websites for other promotions like free meals, hotel stays, or other casino giveaways.

Slot Machine Jackpots

We are a big fan of playing the slots for those massive progressive jackpots as well, but we also know that there’s a catch. The winners of these giveaways can sometimes spend tremendous amounts of money and since the payout is not guaranteed; it really is gambling in its purest form. For example, one of our readers recently won approximately $716,000 at Casino Titan (an online casino), but he had wagered a total of $27,000 on the same slot machine that day as well. He was actually down just over $19,000 overall before the win…but that’s part of the game you play in these types of casino giveaways.

Free Tournament Entries

Another one of our favorite types of casino giveaways is a free tournament entry…you’d be amazed at how many people never take advantage of these. The prize pool may be set on 20,000 entrants at traditional casinos but less than 1/2 of them will normally show up. The same goes for online tournaments at places like Casino Titan and WinPalace; people will register but not bother to play. Since the top finishers get absolutely free money, it’s a great casino promo for just about anyone.

Online Casino Loyalty Rewards

Online casino loyalty rewards have really started to catch on lately, and with the big-name online destinations competing fiercely for your business that means that they give away some really good stuff. A lot of online casinos actually have catalogs for you to choose items from; you simply use your reward points in the place of cash. .

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