Online Casino Cash Back Offers

Casinos are desperate to keep their most valuable players from jumping ship and moving to new sites, and will do just about anything to keep high rollers happy. This usually means big rewards for VIPs, including cash back rewards that most players can only dream of. If you’d like to find out about some of the incredible benefits available for big players, keep reading and see our list of the best online casinos with VIP cash back offers!

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There are essentially two different kinds of cash back offers that casinos grant to their VIPs – rebates on losses, and cash in return for comp points which you earn for play. Each one can be used to earn a lot of extra money for players who are loyal to a casino site.

First, let’s talk about comp points. While they might be called different things on different sites, nearly every casino has some sort of program that awards players points in exchange for their play on the site. Often, this benefit is available to every player, regardless of how much they wager or how often they play.

However, VIP players definitely get the best of these deals. The obvious reason, of course, is that they earn more points because they are playing more and wagering more money in the casino. However, high-volume players often move up to advanced tiers in casino loyalty programs, where they are given additional benefits that increase the value of these comp points. The typical way this is done is by improving the rate of return per point for VIPs. For instance, a cash back program might start by offering $1 back for every 100 loyalty points earned. However, very important players may receive improved rates. Often, these are given in stages, with some players being offered perhaps $1 for ever 90 points, and even more valued players getting $1 in cash for every 80 or 70 points.

But the best benefit for a VIP has to be cash back against losses. This is a classic offering that both land-based and Internet casinos have given their biggest players for decades. Essentially, it works by looking at home much money a player has lost in the casino over the past day, week, or month, then giving the player back a preset percentage of their losses in cash. For instance, if you have a 25% cash back offer that is paid each week, and you lost $200 in the past seven days, you’ll receive $50 back in your account that you can spend however you wish.

It’s actually possible to exploit these programs to make a long term profit off loss rebate offers. Essentially, a player getting cash back should set stop goals for both profits and loss, and be winning to stop after a small loss, but attempt to win a large amount when they do come out on top. One way of doing this is by playing games like roulette, where there are very high payouts for long shot bets. For instance, if you could make one $1,000 bet on a single number at the roulette table, you’d win $35,000 when you win, and lose $1,000 when you (usually) lose. However, if you were guaranteed to get 10% of your losses back, you’d really only be wagering $900 – turning the odds dramatically in your favor (you’d expect to make a profit of about $70 per spin over the long run). Of course, a casino isn’t likely to allow you to bet only once and give you cash back for very long, but the general strategy is certainly exploitable for cash back players.


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