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1. Bet 365 Bet 365 Casino yes yes n/a Play Now!

Playtech casino software offers a great variety of high quality gaming options that players simply can not find anywhere else on the internet. You’ve probably placed several wagers on a PlayTech Casino server without even knowing it; they’re been the fastest growing software supplier to online casinos since 1999. In fact, PlayTech is currently the largest publicly traded casino in the world with hundreds of existing websites and thousands of satisfied investors.

Although you may not know PlayTech by name, chances are that you’ve visited our PlayTech Casino of the year- Bet365. Not only were they one of the first high quality online gaming destinations to implement PlayTech’s software package back in the nineties, but Bet365 also set the standard for every other casino to follow. No other online company has ever put together such a comprehensive package of simplicity, dedication, and loyalty to their customers, which is why our decision in this instance was such an easy one.

There are essentially five reasons why we placed Bet365 at the top of all PlayTech’s online gaming systems this year, and we will run through each of them below.

1) Unparalleled Customer Service

PlayTech essentially offers a one-stop solution for investors that are seeking to create a total online gaming environment, which is why their software is used extensively throughout cyberspace by a variety of website owners. Once they purchase the software it pretty much runs itself with most of the deposit, withdrawal, and betting functions being completely automated…which means that all the owners have to do is collect money from the bank if the website turns out successful.

For the owners of Bet365, having an automated casino was never even an option. From the very first day of business, their headquarters was completely staffed with knowledgeable individuals that knew the online gaming world inside and out. Much of Bet365’s current success can be traced back to how they treated customers back in the late 90’s…especially since most of them still place wagers there daily.

2) A Real Loyalty Program

I’m sure you’ve seen many websites that offer great prizes and sponsorships for a few of their most loyal players, but once you start reading through the fine print it becomes obvious that you’ll never be one of them. A lot of the PlayTech Casinos out there require that players log hundreds of hours per month and deposit thousands of dollars just to earn trivial rewards; that’s not the case at Bet365.

The Bet365 team realizes that worldwide players frequent their casino because their VIP program makes sense. Casual players can earn cash back rewards plus plenty of free merchandise, while the big spenders earn things like exclusive professional tournament entries (including airfare, hotel, and spending allowances), name brand electronics, and all kinds of other great stuff. Very few online casinos spoil their members like Bet365 does.

3) Deposit and Withdrawal Experts

PlayTech software will automatically track banking transfers, process credit card payments, actively search for money wires, and instantly approve third party transfers, but none of that means a thing if the player does not know how to complete these tasks. Regional laws make it extremely difficult on gamblers to know which options are available to them online, which is why each PlayTech casino should have knowledgeable customer service experts waiting by the phone.

Like we’ve already said, Bet365 has excellent customer service. Each of their trained agents have spent ample time studying which deposit method will work best for each region around the world, which means that you’ll get in the game much quicker than at the average PlayTech casino. Of course, this also means you’ll have your profits fast at Bet365 make that huge win…on average they process payments three full days faster than their competitors.

4) Real Time Security

PlayTech’s casino software packages actively scan for numerous signatures that would indicate a breach in the firewall and their mainframe’s data drives, plus it automatically looks for anomalies in raked hands for both player fairness and protection. Most of PlayTech’s clients assume that this level of security is sufficient to keep players safe while visiting their online casino, and in many cases it is.

Bet365 has never taken that chance though, which is why a trained staff is monitoring all of the live action twenty-four hours per day. While other online casinos have fallen victim to numerous types of scams and fraud, Bet365 is one of the few gaming portals that has never experienced a single incident.

5) Live Dealer Play

One of the newest innovations in PlayTech’s software package is live dealer gaming, which takes place inside a traditional casino and brought to players over their personal computer system. Very few other gaming systems have even considered such a vast project and you will not find live dealer online games from any other casino software vendor.

Bet365 was one of the first global websites to implement live dealer gaming because of their strong relationship with PlayTech. In fact, their newest software titles almost always launch at Bet365 first since they have such a massive global community that uses their sportsbook, poker rooms, and casino games on a daily basis…which is why you should be at Bet365 as well. They offer the best aspects of PlayTech with superior customer service and great deposit bonuses; other casino websites are simply a pale comparison.

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