Online Casinos For VIP Players

If you had to guess on what would be the single biggest scam within the entire online casino industry, what would you expect it to be? Could it be the casino odds on the various games? Maybe the payout structures or the customer service? How about the software itself…maybe it is rigged somehow? Believe it or not, the answer is not any of these; the worst part of most online casinos beats all of those other problems hands-down. The biggest scam within online casinos is the VIP player loyalty rewards.

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Spotting Faulty Casino Loyalty Schemes

Here’s another question for you- What has your favorite online casino given you for free lately? Well gee…umm…they probably haven’t really given you anything worth having. That’s the con right there; on most casino loyalty pages you’ll see fifty or more things that you can receive if you play there often, but after a closer look it is mostly stuff that reputable businesses give to their customers in the first place.

For instance, a lot of online casinos say that one of their loyalty benefits is free VIP tournaments. That’s sounds promising and all, but once you sign up for it you realize that there’s a billion and six people playing in it and there’s a total of $100 in prize money. We hate to say it, but nine out of ten free money casino sites have offers better than that; you’re not getting anything special in these types of offers. Before joining any online casino VIP program, be sure to read over the actual rewards thoroughly.

Online Casino Deposit Bonus Schemes

Take deposit bonuses at the average online casino, for example, and you’ll start to see what we mean. The average gambling destination in cyberspace averages an offer somewhere between 100-300%, and you’ll see words like “easy” and “fast” plastered all over the page that talks about it. Once you get down to the fine print, however, it becomes clear that the casino only gives you an actual deposit bonus after you play about a billion and six hands. What kind of bonus is that?

Even worse, some gambling establishments give players an instant bonus that goes in with their deposit money immediately. The con here is that, once again, you did not read the fine print to see where it said that you can not withdraw ANY money from the account until you play a billion and six hands. That means that not only is your bonus money never going to your bank account, but neither is your original deposit nor any of your winnings. The sad part is that it is perfectly legal because you agreed to their terms when you accepted the “bonus.”

Legitimate Online Casino Loyalty Rewards

Now that we pretty much know what you should be avoiding in cyberspace when it comes to loyalty rewards, let’s take a look at what a good program does for gamblers. Casino Titan is a perfect example; their 100% instant deposit bonus goes into your account immediately yet it does not place any restrictions on your initial deposit or winnings. Now, you can not withdraw the bonus cash until you play a certain number of games, but any winnings you make from it can be withdrawn at any time. You’ll also earn loyalty points to buy items from their online store, get cash-back bonuses, and receive real tournament invites where you’ll square off a few hundred people for tens of thousands of dollars. That’s what a real online casino loyalty program is all about, so hopefully by now you know how to spot those scam sites out there.

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