High Roller Casino Rewards

Instead of starting this article out with the same type of dry, boring text that you’d find at about a million other online casino review websites, let’s go ahead and get right down to business immediately without all of that other fluff and filler. What exactly do you want out of a high roller VIP program? I mean, sure, you want free stuff, good treatment, and all of that stuff, but what would it take for you to give up those crowded, smoky casinos in your area and join the world of high roller online gambling?

Recommended Online Casinos December 2022

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Picking a VIP Casino

Tell you what; pick an online casino from the list above…any of them will do since they all have kick-ass VIP programs for high rollers…and go deposit a thousand dollars right now. Once that’s out of the way, load up your favorite casino game and go to town with your first couple of bets; make that online casino bleed in green with your superior betting strategy. Of course, since there are no pit bosses around or whiny bystanders trying to get comped for the $50 the bet last year, you’ll notice that the play goes by pretty darn fast.

It goes by so quickly, in fact, that it almost doesn’t feel like gambling. Now I know what you’re thinking, “I like the people staring at me while I win.” Trust us, gambling is always about the money. If you can clear $10,000 in fifteen minutes then it really won’t matter that there was no jerks sitting at your table and silently rooting against you, because now you’re ready to go do something other than gambling with a full night’s worth of profit. That’s the first perk of playing at high roller casinos.

Playing for Loyalty Rewards

If you were in Las Vegas and you managed to break the house is such a short period of time, chances are one of two things would happen. In most cases they’d grab you by the arm and toss you out in the parking lot on your rear end, or sometimes they will give you a free hotel room so you’ll be there to gamble again in the morning. Oh, we can’t forget those free watered-down cocktails and that lousy buffet…there’s another $15-30 they give you each visit.

At any of the online casinos listed above, the loyalty rewards are a heck of a lot more practical. Sure, when they send you a $79 MP3 player in the mail it may not make or break your day, but if there’s a loyalty check along with it for a few thousand dollars then it may just grab your attention. In the past month alone we’ve seen high rollers at the above online casinos get comped automobiles, vacations in Paris, entry into professional tournaments, and millions of dollars worth of other gifts just for being a loyal member.

Traditional versus Online VIP Rewards

So let’s review. Our online casinos give true high rollers tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise per year, while Vegas gives them a cheap hotel room. Quality online gaming destinations give 100% or larger deposit bonuses, Vegas gives watered-down beer. Online casinos tell gamblers to name their own rewards (no matter how outrageous), Vegas says to try the Kung Pao Chicken on the free buffet. Are you starting to see the pattern here?

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