Sportsbook Enhances Online Gaming Experience made national headlines this month with the launch of their newest online gaming platform; live dealer betting. From the comfort of your homes or anywhere in the world for that matter, gamblers can enter the Sportsbook website and be instantly transferred through cyberspace into an actual running casino, equipped with live dealer games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, Texas Hold’em, and several other player favorites on the way. Each of these exciting games will give internet user an unobstructed view of all the great casino action as it unfolds right in front of them at each of the tables, plus many other features that have never before even been considered inside any casino on the planet.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to this innovative move towards future technologies is the convenience that it grants each individual player, because for the first time ever they are in complete control of the action. There are no snooping pit bosses or surveillance systems to deter card counters, no red flags or player bans for implementing sound strategies, and definitely no forced bets just to keep the law of averages in place. Gamblers are free to employ any legal methods that they see fit in order to gain a fair advantage as the blackjack cards are dealt and the roulette wheel is spun, so this is definitely better than placing wagers inside any brick and mortar casino.

Likewise, the unavoidable obstacles found in traditional online gambling websites are not present either. There are no issues with betting against a software program because every single hand is played at a live table with a beautiful young dealer revealing the cards, and the live webcams capture every aspect of the game from the original shuffle until the final hand is played. The cameras never once fade away from the action so that worldwide players can bet with complete confidence that is 100% legitimate, and after you experience it for yourself there is an excellent chance that you search for the ultimate betting experience will be over.

Of course, the only way to fully understand the lengths that Sportsbook has gone to revolutionize the industry is to actually log in and play a few hands. After visiting their homepage, click on “register” and answer the quick questionnaire that covers your basic contact information. The next step is to select a payment method in order to make your first deposit, and US members can choose from using a credit or debit card, using one of the financial transfer services, or one of the other simple transfer options. Once the transaction completes, you’ll be ready to play.

Next, head over to the “casino” page and then select the “Live Casino” option on the top right of the screen. After the interface loads, select from the various live casino games and within seconds you’ll be staring at one of Sportsbook’s gorgeous young dealers. Chances are that you will arrive at the table during the middle of a game, so while the hand plays out feel free to get used to the state of the art interface that you will not find in any other casino.

In the center of the screen will be the actual webcam broadcasts, and as soon as the dealer recognizes that you’ve logged in she will greet you personally. To the left and right of the dealer are statistics for recent hands and any other information pertaining to the play in front of you, as well as links that explain the various rules and the table’s payouts. All of the action can be viewed over the live webcam but the cards/statistics are also displayed in the bottom half of the screen as well in a web-friendly format that makes it easy to keep track of all of the action. Here you’ll also see the various bets that are available and the amount of money that you have available for wagers. Once the dealer opens the betting phase, you’re ready to get into the action.

Besides this groundbreaking technology that is sure to change the entire scope of online gambling for decades to come, also offers many other side bets and incentives that are simply not found inside other casinos. Every game was designed to give maximum odds in the favor of the player, and in most of the live dealer games the house has less than a 2% overall advantage. Top that off with the best customer service in the industry and you’ll see why Sportsbook is the most popular live casino destination in the world today and in future months it will only get better.

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