www.Bet365.com offers one of the most comprehensive sportsbooks on the internet with thousands of unique wagers available every single day. They are also an industry leader when it comes to casino gaming as well, and they recently made global headlines when they were one of the first gaming establishments to ever implement live dealer gaming over webcams within their casinos. With implementations like this you’d expect their sportsbook to be of excellent quality as well, which is why we spent over a week examining that feature of their website.

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Bet365: A Brief History

www.Bet365.com started way back in 1974 in England, which everyone knows was long before the internet was ever invented. They made their move onto the web in 1999 with a full lineup of popular casino games, and since they were regulated by the UK Gambling Commission it gave them instant credibility across the web. Unlike other gaming websites, they also tried to replicate the user’s online experience to what their customers expected within their brick and mortar casinos. The result was a world class gaming site that set the standard to which all other online casinos are currently judged.

Since the launch of their online gaming site, Bet365 has also allowed the consumer to determine which avenues that the company would follow. That is why they were one of the first sportsbooks to ever volunteer to be affiliated with the IBAS (Independent Betting Adjudication Service) to ensure every wager was fair, even though they were already regulated by the UK. Since so much focus has always been placed on the consumer; that is also why they have one of the best loyalty programs in the business.

Bet365: The Sports Betting Overview

@ Types of Bets

The first thing that stands out when you visit Bet365′s sportsbook is the sheer number of possible bets that can be wagered. Besides the traditional bets like horse racing, football, and basketball, they have live odds set up on just about any sport you could imagine. Mixed martial arts, table tennis, alpine skiing, tennis, volleyball; you name it, and they’ll accept bets on it. In fact, they even accept wagers on things like primary elections….its crazy how many options there are.

@ Making Deposits

To be able to test the interface properly, my first goal was to deposit money within the casino. There were a number of payment options; by major credit card, bank wire, eCheck, money order, or through one of the internet transfer services. I also learned that the easiest method of payment will vary by region; which is why the have so many overall options.

@ Placing a Wager

Since I’m more of a blackjack and poker guy, I will be honest and say that I wasn’t looking to place a number of huge bets just to review the system. I had planned on betting $20 on the Miami Heat basketball game in the US since they’ve been playing extremely well lately, but then I noticed that Bet365 also offers live streaming of worldwide sportscasts for their members. Instead, I placed a $10 wager on European football since a match was about to start.

To place a wager at Bet 365, the interface was fairly straightforward. After logging in, I simply went to the football section and glanced through all of the teams. The odds were right there in front of me, and I had a number of betting options for each match-up. Once I picked my bet, I simply clicked on the team and entered a wager amount. After the confirmation screen, my $10 bet was complete.

@ Tracking Wagers

Normally I never would have placed a bet on a sport that I did not closely follow, but since Bet365 informed me that I could watch the event live it made it seem much more exciting. I clicked on my wager and it brought me to a summary screen that showed an update of the score and where the ball was on the field, and in the lower right corner there was also an option to “stream this event live.” Once I clicked on that, that game was right there on my computer screen.

Of course, you do not have to watch the game if you do not want to. The bet was tracked automatically and I could tab back and forth between the game and the betting screen to make any additional wagers.

@ Collecting any Winnings

I am proud to say that my $10 wager on Queensland won, so I was excited to see how difficult the process would be to cash out my winnings. I clicked the cashier button and indicated that I wanted to make a withdrawal, and instantly a number of transfer options were available. Again, in my situation the easiest method was through eCheck, and after hitting the send button it said the transfer was in progress. I expected for it to take a couple of days for the money to reach my banking account, but to my surprise it was posted within about 15 minutes. Bet365 makes it very easy to deposit or withdraw money; which I would definitely consider a big plus.

@ Customer Service

Even though I had received my profits without any complications, I felt that it was necessary to contact customer service just to make sure that they were as good as they have been in the past. My telephone call was answered quickly by a professional sounding young lady named Cindy, and I immediately began asking numerous questions just to see how she would handle it. After Cindy told me about the betting procedures, the loyalty program, the temperature outside the casino, and anything else I could think of, I finally asked her if I could place a wager on my local high school team that was currently in the state playoffs for basketball.

I half expected Cindy to fumble around a bit, but almost immediately she told me that she did not have the answer to that. She then asked if she could put me on hold, and about 30 seconds later I was speaking to one of the sportsbook managers. He said that if the casino could acquire the pertinent information from a US sportsbook regarding odds and probabilities, he would gladly accept the wager.

Bet365 Review: The Good

I have tried many different sportsbooks over the past few years, and in all honesty I have to say that this is one of the best online experiences I have ever had with an online casino. The layout of the website made it very easy to find match-ups to wager on, and it was one of the easiest processes I’ve ever seen in terms of making deposits and selecting bets. Their customer service was also exceptional, and I do believe that Cindy would have talked to me all day if I could have come up with enough questions. The graphics were also polished and looked very professional; for a moment I actually felt like I was inside a casino.

Bet365: The Bad

The only complaint that I had was the limitations that are on US players; it seemed unfair that the region we live in dictates many of our deposit and withdrawal options. In my situation I was very fortunate for everything to work out super fast, but that is not the case for any online casino that has customers in areas of the world. Although I did not have any problems it did feel good to know that their customer service was there to take care of any issues that others experience.

Bet365: Final Thoughts

It is obvious why Bet365 has been the leading sportsbook in cyberspace since 1999, and after using their website I see little reason to place a wager anywhere else. I was treated with class throughout my entire experience and I am happy to say that they are clearly the best sportsbook in the business. Big thumbs up for www.bet365.com.

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