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Since the launch of live dealer gaming, many questions have arisen from players on what this type of technology will mean for their favorite casino games. This article will answer each of them and cover the betting process from start to finish


What is a Live Dealer Online Game?

A live dealer online game is the newest technological innovation in the world of gambling and it has players very excited. Instead of being forced to visit casinos or logging into a website to play against a computer program, players are connected to actual dealers at professional gaming casinos via the internet.

How does Live Dealer Gaming work?

Several webcams are positioned at each table so that players can connect directly to live Vegas-like action from the comfort of their homes. Each game unfolds before the player in real time, plus they are given the opportunity to wager on each of the hands just like they would in a traditional casino.

Do I need any special software or computer hardware to play?

Yes. After visiting the, download the software that contains the live dealer programming. This is a small download that will take the average user less than ten seconds to complete. Additionally, the user will also have to have Adobe Flash installed but most systems already have it. If you need to download or update Adobe Flash on your system, click here. Almost any modern computer will be able to run this software without any issues, although a broadband internet connection (DSL or equivalent) is recommended.

As far as hardware goes, players only need a standard mouse, a keyboard, and a set of speakers to hear the dealer’s instructions. Future implementations may allow players to use devices like microphones and their own webcams to better communicate with the dealers, but these features will be completely optional. Over 95% of today’s computer systems should be ready to enter the casino immediately after the short software download.

What is betting like in a Live Dealer Online Game?

Gambling inside a live dealer online game is exactly the same as you’d experience in a casino. There are minimum and maximum bets that pertain to each table, and players are free to place any wagers that fall in-between those two amounts.

Am I forced to bet every hand in a Live Dealer Online Game?

Absolutely not. If you wish to place a wager on every single hand then it is certainly allowed, but you are completely free to bet in any fashion that you see fit. If you wish to bet the minimum per hand until the table seems more favorable, that is completely up to you.

What about card counting or devices that grant advantages?

While playing at a live dealer online table, it is important to follow both local and international gaming laws that govern fair play. With that said, there is absolutely no restrictions on counting cards or using a device to help you track the betting trends of the table, as long as it does not interfere with each casino’s software. Any attempt to alter the software or the actual payouts of the casino is a serious felony.

Can I ask the dealer questions regarding the various Live Dealer bets?

Yes. It is very easy to communicate to the dealer via the keyboard. Besides dealing each hand and giving the table instructions, the female dealer also has a monitor directly in front of her that shows each wager that was placed and the table chat. Any questions asked will be answered by the dealer verbally.

On a side note, there are also links at each table to the game’s betting policies, explanations on how to play the game, and the payouts for each hand. If a particular question is not answered clearly within these sections, then feel free to ask the dealer since she is there to help.

Are there betting timers in place at Live Dealer Online Games?

Yes. The maximum time to make any decision is listed at the top left of your screen and it counts down in real time so each of the players can see it. This system is in place to help the games move along at a pace that most gamblers are comfortable with, but you can also ask for additional time if it is a reasonable request. Please remember that other players will be waiting on your actions as well as the dealer.

What if my computer crashes in the middle of a bet or I lose my internet connection? have systems in place that will allow you to rejoin the hand if you can hop back online immediately, but in cases where that is impossible then the wager will either be paid (if the player wins) or refunded (if the player loses or the hand does not complete). It is important to note, however, that disconnecting after the betting stages are completed will not affect the outcome of the hand and it will be completed without your presence.

Please note that these are the policies for only. Other casinos may have different rules when it comes to player disconnections, so it pays to research this topic beforehand.

How do I deposit money in either of the Live Dealer Casinos?

There are several ways to make your initial deposit, even for players within the United States. Both casinos can process Visa card payments for deposits and it does not matter if they are credit cards, debit cards, or pre-paid cards. If you do not have a Visa card, simply purchase a pre-paid from a local retailer (Wal Mart, Walgreens, Seven11, Target, etc) and verify that it is eligible for international spending.

Alternatively, deposits can also be made through services like Western Union as well.

How do I collect my winnings from the Live Dealer Casinos?

For European customers, direct transfers can be made straight to your banking account or any other preferred method. For US players, a certified check will be mailed to you since there is currently a restriction on transferring money to and from casinos through North American financial institutions.

Is it legal for US players to place wagers inside Live Dealer Casinos?

Absolutely. The Safe Port Act of 2006 made it illegal for financial institutions to transfer money to or from casinos, but the law had absolutely nothing to do with the actual player. It is completely legal to place wagers and receive winnings over the internet, except in actual states that ban such practices (Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and South Dakota). Other states also have various restrictions on any form of gambling, so please check before initiating a deposit.

Also, legislation is currently being discussed in Congress to repeal the Safe Port Act sometime in 2018, and the aforementioned states will also likely revisit the legality of these decisions.

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