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It seems like a whole lot of Canadian residents have contacted us lately to inquire about online casinos for Canadians or the various laws that apply to people living within the country. Since we always try to be thorough in answering any of these types of questions, our staff has put together a handy little FAQ that residents can use to learn about their rights when it comes to gambling and Canada casinos online. Below are the best casinos accepting Canadian players.

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Is it legal to gamble in Canada?

Canadian residents are completely free to gamble anywhere that provides betting services, but it is illegal to operate a gaming hall within Canadian borders.

What would happen if I were caught gambling at an illegal poker room or casino?

Even though a gaming business is illegal, there would not be charges brought against you unless the authorities thought you had something to do with operating it. The property owner and any employees would face civil and/or criminal penalties, and it is also possible that all money found within the establishment would be seized. Everyone else, including the gamblers, should be free to leave without any type of recourse.

How do the laws apply to online casinos for Canadians?

Like we previously said, Canada holds each business responsible…not the players. As long as the casino you are gambling at is located outside of Canada’s borders, there are no laws being broken.

How do I know if the online casino is outside Canada?

Over 90% of the world’s online casinos are owned by businesses in the tropics. This information can usually be found on each casino’s “about us” page, but either way, you are not breaking any laws when placing wagers for minor stakes. Ironically, however, over 90% of the world’s online casinos are hosted by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Quebec.

Should I avoid betting with Kahnawake Gaming Commission casinos?

This has been a huge topic in the Canadian media for almost a decade now, and so far the government has not been able to find any law or statute that the Kahnawake reservation is breaking. They do not own the actual casinos; they simply allow the games to run off of their servers.

On a side note, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission also grants licenses to the world’s online casinos and they are very strict on who gains acceptance. Any casino licensed by them has fair payouts (less than 3% total house odds), excellent security, and truly random software to ensure fair play.

Are there any deposit or withdrawal restrictions at online casinos for Canadians?

There is a block on transactions being moved directly from a financial institution to an online casino, but there are several other ways to make a deposit if you are a Canadian resident. Credit Cards, eChecks, 3rd party merchants, and wire transfers are only a few of your options.

As far as withdrawals go, in most cases the funds can not be transferred directly to your checking or savings account. One of the above methods can be used to circumvent these restrictions, however, and it is completely legal.

What’s the best online casino for Canadians?

Honestly, the answer would depend on exactly what you were looking for. We have never found a “perfect” casino that has an option that would suit every single person on the planet, but we do have several recommendations based on the types of games you enjoy playing.

For most of the traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps, either Rome Casino or WinPalace would probably be the best choice online casino for Canadians. They both offer very generous deposit bonuses (up to 400%) with excellent payouts and plenty of side bets to help you turn a profit.

If you’re more into slot machines or video poker, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of play at Casino Titan or 7Red. Each online casino for Canadians has stunning interactive graphics that really draw you into the action, plus the special payout features are guaranteed to keep the profits rolling in.

Poker enthusiasts seeking an online casino for Canadians should probably try out Sportsbook Poker or Players Only. Both of these poker rooms have tens of thousands of players online throughout the day and night playing in tournaments and exciting stakes games; often for massive sums of money.

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