US-Friendly Online Casinos

Finding a quality online casino that accepts US players after the government poker shutdowns has become something of a problem for the average American, simply because there is so little valid information out there for consumers. A large portion of the online gaming community does not adhere to the laws set forth in the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which means that their player accounts are put in serious jeopardy each time they log into play. Here are some safe, friendly online casinos for US players in 2018 and the facts you need to know about them-

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UIGEA Compliance

In forty-one of the fifty US states, there is not a single law that mentions online gaming at all. Since the UIGEA does not define what illegal online gambling actually is, it is left up to each individual territory to decide for themselves what they will allow for their residents. Unless you happen to live inside one of the nine states that strictly forbid online gambling, then it should be safe for you to play at any of the above mentioned gaming destinations.

It is important to point out, however, that some forms of online gambling are clearly illegal. The above list was comprised of reputable online casinos that fully comply with US banking laws, meaning that they will only accept payment types that do not violate the UIGEA. Many other types of online gaming establishments will ignore this clause in and it is ultimately what leads to them being shut down or seized by the US government.

US-Friendly Online Casinos

Instead of taking a chance at having your online deposits tied up in legal proceedings for months or even years, it makes a lot more sense to gamble at reputable, certified online casinos that comply with the UIGEA and put their customer’s needs first. Every single online gambling destination on this website is in full compliance with all US laws and ordinances to ensure that you will not run into the types of legal complications that has frustrated so many Americans in the past.

Great Online Casino Play

Besides, online gambling is supposed to be about things like great odds, quick payouts, and dependable customer service, isn’t it? The vast majority of online casinos that ignore the rules set forth by the US government can not rightfully claim to have each of those basic traits in place because they are operating illegally to begin with. How could they possibly get your winnings to you quickly when they do not even know if or when the FBI will show up and seize their website?

While online casinos are designed to be gambling in its purest form, risking your deposit money at a website that violates the UIGEA is simply too much of a wager for anyone. US citizens are perfectly free to take that risk since the governing laws are directed solely at the online casino industry, but it makes little sense to take that type of risk when there are already multiple gaming destinations in place that have your best interests at heart.

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