Irish Gambling 2018

Have you even wondered where the phrase, “the luck of the Irish” came from? Well, we know one thing for sure; it certainly wasn’t coined due to online gambling. Even though there are several extremely popular Ireland gambling sites out there in 2018 and they are frequented extremely often, this culture seems to do just about as good as any other country on average when it comes to online gaming. Since the phrase has to mean something, however let’s take a look at the luck of the Irish as we talk about the most popular online casinos for this famous island.

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Are the Irish really lucky?

Well, that depends on whom you ask. Throughout the modern world people say things like, “He has the luck of the Irish,” and we think they are referring to being extremely lucky, but the history of Ireland paints quite a different picture. When this phrase is used in Ireland or Northwestern Europe, it usually refers to how bad this culture had it back a few hundred years ago. Drought, sickness, famine; you name it and it happened in Ireland.

Now, that’s not to say that there weren’t a bunch of lucky Irish settlers that landed on the shores of North America back in the 1800’s, because it seemed like one mining operation after another was wondering how those Islanders kept finding all the gold. In the United States, “the luck of the Irish” actually means to be extremely fortunate or on a hot win streak at an online casino, which is ironic to say the least.

Online Gambling in Modern Ireland

Of course, we were talking about myths and rumors from hundreds of years ago; a lot has changed in Ireland over the years. In 2011, Irish citizens have evolved into avid gamblers both online and at their local horse tracks, plus they are slowly becoming die-hard fans of online poker tournaments as well. Online gambling was opened to companies outside of the island’s boundaries in 2001 from sheer demand from the local residents, and today “the luck of the Irish” still has both positive and negative implications (depending on who’s winning which night).

While online poker is easily the most popular attraction in Ireland, sports betting and online gaming are both on the rise as well. Many attribute this trend to the marketing efforts of large online gaming websites that have a proven track record and excellent payouts (many of which are listed above), but the land-based options are also a large factor that convinces consumers to take their business online.

The Future of Online Gambling in Ireland

Eventually, the sheer demand for full regulation will force the Irish government into giving online gambling a closer look. While local reports claim that online gambling in Ireland is not a very popular pastime in 2018, the number of Irish residents who tried out a new online gaming site for the first time has doubled in each of the past five years. Lucky or not, the citizens of Ireland certainly love their gambling in almost any form, so maybe “the luck of the Irish” refers to the hopes of the next roll of the dice instead.

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