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Just the other day, a resident of Montreal, Canada emailed us and asked which of the nationwide online casinos our overall favorite was. The statement almost made us laugh because it was actually a trick question; all of the online gaming establishments inside Canada are simply horrible. To pick one would be like picking between a car with a flat tire and a motorcycle with no gas; neither one of them are going to get you where you want to go. Instead, players inside Montreal and throughout Canada should turn to online casinos outside the territory to actually find the best gaming.

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Being Faithful to Local Casinos

Now, we get what this nice lady was asking us in her email; she simply wanted to play her favorite types of slot machines in an environment with great house odds and a helpful staff behind the scenes. The problem there, however, is that it makes absolutely no sense to play at a local establishment that posts a 37% advantage on slots when other online casinos are well under 7% overall.

It’s great to be patriotic and support your local businesses, but in the case of the local Montreal casinos it simply does not make any sense. The government already collects plenty of revenue by regulating everything from our automobiles to several of our major industries, so there’s no reason to put up with their horrible chances of winning too. There are much better overall online casinos out there for gamblers and they are perfectly legal inside Canada as well.

Gambling at World-Class Online Casinos

Instead of handing all of your money over to Montreal, why not try out one of our featured online gaming destinations instead? We promise that you will almost immediately see a major difference from the time you make your first deposit up until it’s time to cash out your winnings; everything in between is pretty darn good too. The gaming tables all have a polished, sophisticated look, the overall odds are excellent, plus there’s actually a huge variety that you rarely find within the local casinos.

Then again, there’s a whole world of other perks at reputable online casinos as well. Imagine getting instant deposit bonuses that do not come with a full page of terms and conditions attached; once your transfer clears then the bonus money is there to wager with immediately. The same goes for VIP loyalty rewards and instant cash-back options; there’s a whole lot more to instant gaming than what the local establishments offer.

Canadians are Free to Choose any Gaming Site

By now you’re probably thinking that there’s a lot more to online casinos than what you’ve heard in the past, but you shouldn’t feel bad for getting caught up in a lie. Even though the government wants you to believe that their local online casinos are the only thing available, you are 100% free to choose any gaming destination that fits your overall needs the best. The choice is ultimately up to you, and the decision between 37% house odds and world-class gaming shouldn’t be that hard for you to figure out.

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