Safest Online Casinos 2018

It’s time to play a little numbers game, and since you’re a gambler we are guessing this is one that you’ll truly appreciate. Pick a number, any number, between one and eleven thousand. To make it even easier we will give you a little hint; each one of those numbers represents an online casino. Out of the eleven thousand gaming portals that there are in cyberspace today, over 98% of them are some type of scam where your money will be outright stolen from you. Since you’re a gambler though, let’s roll the dice and tempt fate to see if you beat those 2% odds of finding a secure, reputable online casino.

Recommended Online Casinos April 2024

1. ignition Ignition yes yes n/a Ignition Play Now!
2. Bovada Bovada yes yes n/a Bovada Play Now!
3. betonline BetOnline yes yes n/a BetOnline Play Now!
4. intertops Intertops yes yes n/a Intertops Play Now!
5. sportsbetting Sportsbetting yes yes n/a Sportsbetting Play Now!
6. americas cardroom America’s Cardroom yes yes n/a America’s Cardroom Play Now!
7. blackchip-poker Blackchip Poker yes yes n/a Blackchip Poker Play Now!

Playing the Online Casino Game

Now, the chances are that you really do not want to play our little guessing game, but that’s exactly what you’ve been doing for years now when you visited any site in cyberspace and made a financial transaction. It’s not just the online casinos that you have to worry about either; there are fraud sites out there for everything from baby diapers to satellite dishes. Clicking a blind link and expecting to hit the jackpot is probably one of the dumber things that you do in your daily life today, which is why dealing with secure websites is so important in 2018…especially when it comes to online casinos.

Selecting Secure Online Casinos

The chances are pretty darn good that you’ve already played our little game more than once when gambling on the Internet; for your sake we really hope that you ended up losing all of your money in the process. Now, that may sound like a bad thing but you can trust us when we say that if you actually ended up winning some cash, you would have been ten times angrier when you found out that the site was completely fraudulent. Sure, they might have strung you along for a few months by saying that the check was in the mail or something like that, but we promise that your winnings were nothing more than a cleverly crafted illusion and nothing more.

In fact, every two in five people on the planet Earth have been a victim to some type of Internet scam in the year 2011, yet only 8% of them actually realized that they were being taken for a ride. It may have been one of those survey sites where they said you won a new laptop or an email saying that you won millions of dollars, but in every case some smug little scam artist got exactly what he was looking for because of your generosity. Most of the online casinos out there do the exact same thing; it’s all smoke and mirrors when it comes to their customer service.

Playing the Real Online Casino Game

Okay, let’s play a different game then…one with odds a lot more in your favor. Do you see those six online casinos listed above? They are the most secure online gaming destinations in the world today and each of them have excellent customer service, great house odds, and very fast payouts. All you have to do this time is to pick a number between one and six, and we can 100% guarantee you that you’ll end up with one of the most secure online casinos in 2018. Hopefully you can take it from there, but if not, then check out some of our strategy articles at MyPokerBasics to gain an even better insider edge.

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