Online Slots With No Registration Needed

There are hundreds of websites around the net where players can place wagers on slot machines, but few of them are considered no registration slots because they make you submit your personal information on the casino’s homepage. Once you do that, then the emails and solicitations start showing up inside your inbox…and you’ve yet to play even a single game or see if the website is even any good. This article will tell you how to play free online slots with no registration and avoid all of these hassles.

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Here are a few of our favorites for no registration slots that have fantastic graphics, very high payout rates, and plenty of extra ways to earn money-

-7Red Casino
-Bet 365 Casino

To play free online slots with no registration, simply visit any of the above casinos and click on the slots icons once you’re at the website. The various games will then appear right inside your browser so that you can choose which slot machines to practice on before betting real money. This is a huge plus since each title is slightly different in terms of strategy, payouts, and overall difficulty, so we highly recommend that you get a solid feel for each game before betting real money.

Paco and the Popping Peppers at 7Red

For example, head over to 7Red Casino and check out “Paco and the Popping Peppers,” one of the newest innovative slot machines on the net. This game is probably not like anything you’ve seen before inside an online casino; it is honestly much like playing the classic games Bejeweled or Pop-it that have been around on the net for a decade or more. That’s not to say that the graphics are dated though, because it’s probably the best looking slot machine graphics you’ve ever seen.

The goal in “Paco and the Popping Peppers” is to match three or more of the same symbols to “pop” them, which means that they will disappear to allow for more objects to fall in their places. Your original spin pays what is shown on the payout table (for example, three coconuts pay 50 and five of them pay 500), but matching anything at all makes the multiplier climb. As new fruits and vegetables fall into place, the payout is 2x the first time, 3x the second time, all the way up to a 10x multiplier if you manage to make ten trios or more in a row. Now remember, all of this action happens on a single spin…so the profits can get gigantic very quickly.

We haven’t even reached the good part yet, however, because “Paco and the Popping Peppers” also has a classic hi/lo bonus game that can win you hundreds or even thousands of credit just by guessing correctly. It goes under the three strikes and you’re out rule, so even if you guess incorrectly on your first few tries there is still plenty of bonus money to be paid. In fact, it’s really hard to say which pays more…the bonus game or the popping objects. This game is very easy to win on and it’s probably one of the most popular no registration slots on the net.

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