What Are The Best Prepaid Card Casinos

Have you ever noticed how quick most online casinos are to make these outrageous promises that they know there’s no way possible they can possibly keep? Take your very first transaction with them, for example, your initial deposit. Out of the hundreds of gambling websites out there that claim to accept prepaid debit cards, it seems like only a handful of them can deliver anything other than a decline message. Why do they do this?

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One popular way to deposit money into an online gambling site is by using a pre-paid card. These pre-paid options are especially popular for players who don’t have traditional options like credit cards or e-wallets available to them, though there are other reasons why you may wish to use a pre-paid method as well.

Pre-paid cards come in a couple of different styles. First, and most common, are the pre-paid gift cards that are branded with Visa, MasterCard, or other credit card logos. These cards can often be purchased at retail outlets, or sometimes directly from the credit card companies themselves.

These cards have some big advantages over a normal credit card. First of all, unless you actually lose the physical card, you don’t have to worry about fraud. A pre-paid gift card isn’t linked to your bank account, nor can you accrue debt on it; it simply has a value at purchase, and can be used only until that money is spent. Even if you should lose the card, it will only cost you whatever is left on the card. Essentially, it’s no more risky than using cash.

Secondly, you’ll sometimes find that a pre-paid card will work on a casino site when a traditional credit card does not. This is especially true in areas where credit card deposits are often declined, such as in the United States. Visa pre-paid gift cards typically have higher rates of success than regular Visa cards, which in turn can be successfully used for deposits more often than MasterCard, Discover or American Express.

Another popular pre-paid deposit option is Ukash. This voucher system allows players to purchase vouchers for their face value, with no extra fees, and then use those vouchers to deposit at many casino sites. Ukash is not available in the United States, but can be found in a number of different countries, especially in Europe and South America, as well as in Canada and Australia.

The Ukash system is pretty simple. In most countries where Ukash can be used, there are numerous retail outlets that sell Ukash vouchers. You can simply go to any of these vendors and buy a voucher for up to £500. The voucher will have a unique 19-digit number that can then be used to make purchases at a number of online businesses, including many casino sites. If you want to make a purchase for less than the amount of your voucher, you can even get “change” in the form of a new voucher for the reduced amount. In many cases, you may even be able to withdraw your winnings through Ukash, and then exchange the voucher for cash at a nearby store.

Regardless of which method you prefer, pre-paid cards and vouchers allow you to make deposits by essentially using cash, rather than worrying about involving your bank account or other financial information. These pre-paid options are among the safest and most secure ways of making casino deposits, and are especially valuable if you can’t deposit by more traditional methods.

Tackling the Debit Card Industry

Well, the simple answer is that most of the online casinos are trying to trick you from the start. They advertise that they can accept debit or prepaid cards just to get you on their website, then once the transaction is declined they can ask you for another form of payment. The thing that most people do not realize is that these establishments know that your debit card will be declined before you even try it; they’d rather lie to you and maybe gain a customer instead of allowing the business to go elsewhere right off the bat.

Think about it…if these online casinos are going to lie to you before the registration on their website is even complete, what do you think your chances are of being treated fairly from that point forward? In most cases, it is an excellent indication of what type of establishment the domain owners actually run; if they lie from the beginning then you can expect them to also have higher house odds, slow payout procedures, and horrible customer service.

Legitimate Debit Card Casinos

Sure, occasionally legitimate online gaming establishments like Casino Titan will receive a denial on a debit card transaction, but overall they have an approval rate of over 99% on Visa Debit Cards (and about 97% on MasterCard). Compare that to the other online casino who can never secure an approval at all; that’s really quite a difference. Besides, legitimate online casinos will usually go out of their way to make sure that customers do not have any problems with deposit options at all…even if your debit card gets declined they will call the credit company for a manual approval.

In all honesty, the debit card approval process should really be the least of your worries. Instead, focus your attention on the online casino itself- How good is their customer service? Is their website secure? How professional are the graphics? Do they give loyalty rewards? These types of traits are what separate the excellent online casinos from the average ones.

Casino Titan for Debit Card Transactions

Then again, it would be just as easy for you to start at Casino Titan; the highest rated online gaming room by gamblers worldwide. Not only do they have some of the hottest casino games on the planet with the lowest house odds in the industry, but they also take very good care of their customers. At Casino Titan, you can expect plenty of instant deposit bonuses, VIP loyalty rewards, 24/7 customer service, and very easy payout options. Since they currently have the highest debit card approval rate in the industry there’s really not a reason to go anywhere else.

Using Gift Card To Deposit

Gift cards are also slightly atypical to use as a deposit method, but they work just the same way as a conventional debit card. You can also read our own page about the best visa gift card casinos.

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