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Selecting the right casinos is of primordial importance to the successful gambler. There are many casinos with outstanding reputation and a flawless track record in 2018. Below are the best of these casinos, with quick cashouts, and good deposit processing.


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Bouncing around inside various online casinos is a lot like playing baseball in your mom’s backyard; sooner or later somebody’s going to break out a window and the game will be cancelled indefinitely.

There are several great online casinos out there in cyberspace but there are also a lot of bad ones. Picking gaming websites at random is extremely dangerous because a good portion of them are not regulated by a governing body, which means that they could be anything from a complete fraud to a casino that has horrible payout rules. There are several of you reading this that know exactly what we mean; it has to be one of the worst feelings in the world to finally win big and then discover that the money is never actually coming.

In terms of selecting a safe casino with absolutely no risk involved, there are essentially seven rules that you should always follow. We have listed each of them below in no particular order because in reality they are all equally important. If even one of these traits is missing from a casino you frequently gamble at, it’s time to find a new favorite gaming website.

1) A Verifiable Affiliation

An affiliation is essentially a governing body that watches over casinos to ensure that they are conducting business fairly. They will monitor each casino’s overall payout rates, investigate any consumer complaints, and contact the authorities whenever foul play is suspected. Casinos that do not belong to a legitimate affiliation like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission can basically do whatever they want when it comes to paying out money or taking care of their customers, so you should definitely not trust your money with them.

2) A Clear Payout Schedule

People always assume that once they win inside an online casino, their money will be sent to them whenever they ask for it. The fine print on many gaming websites will say that there are numerous processing times that could delay that money for several weeks or even months…a legitimate casino will normally send you within 24 hours of requesting it. Also, be sure to look for online casinos that have numerous withdrawal methods, like you’ll find at Rome Casino or WinPalace.

3) Informed Customer Service

Before you even think of making a deposit at a gaming website, pick up the phone and call their customer service number. Someone should answer almost immediately, and this person should have a very high knowledge about every aspect of the casino. Ask plenty of questions like, “How can I withdraw money?” or “What are the odds for 3 of a kind on video poker?” If they stumble on any of your questions or speak to you in anything other than a calm, informative demeanor, hang up the phone and find another casino.

4) Low Approval Rates on Deposits

This sort of goes back to the customer service section because a number of regions will have problems trying to make a deposit by credit card or bank transfer. While this normally is not the fault of the casino, there should be plenty of documentation on their website explaining your various deposit options. Likewise, if you pick up the telephone and ask them, “What’s the best deposit method for customers in Sweden,” they should be able to answer you immediately and get an approval on the first try. If that doesn’t happen, find another casino like 7Red…they have excellent approval rates.

5) Unclear/High Odds

Many casinos offer great odds on popular games like craps and blackjack to get new players in the door, but their other casino games will have odds nowhere near the industry standard. Another common tactic is to not post odds on some of the bets at all, and if you’re foolish enough to bet it then you have absolutely no legal recourse afterwards. Regardless of how well you know a particular game, always glance through the gaming site’s “rules of play” and check to make sure the odds are fair. Currently, Rome Casino is offering the best house odds on the net.

6) Real-Time Security

Almost every legitimate casino on the web has some type of firewall and hacking prevention system in place to deter criminals for stealing from the website. Reputable companies will also use complex encryption methods to protect your transaction information…remember that they have all kinds of personal information about you. Even with all of these protections in place, the top virtual casinos still have multiple security personnel on staff twenty-four hours per day watching things like win ratios, deposit/withdrawal patterns, and computer errors. If your casino does not do this, stop gambling there immediately.

7) A Solid Loyalty/VIP Program

The top brick and mortar casinos around the world reward their most loyal players with various incentives to keep them happy. Many virtual casinos have also picked up on this trend and the best ones offer bonuses to their players that are better than anything you’ve ever seen before. WinPalace, for example, sends their top patrons on expenses-paid trips to various professional tournaments around the world, while Rome Casino has a profit sharing program that gives back thousands of dollars per month to their top VIPs. If your casino does not do this, it’s time to make a switch.

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