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It seems like no matter how many articles or blogs we post about instant eCheck online casinos, our readers always seem to come up with a few more questions that we happened to overlook. To address all of these issues at once for everyone visiting our website, we’ve compiled a FAQ list that covers just about anything you’d want to know about instant eCheck online casinos.

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What is an instant eCheck online casino?

An eCheck casino is a destination that accepts the eCheck payment option. These are essentially bank drafts that are sent through cyberspace, so people call them instant because they arrive at their destination in mere seconds. For gamblers at online casinos, this payment method ensures that they are ready to play their favorite casino games immediately.

Why should I choose an instant eCheck online casino?

The better question would be, “Why wouldn’t you?” Credit cards are sometimes declined, bank transfers take 2-3 days, third party payment sites are difficult, and payment by mail is simply no longer a valid option. An eCheck is the only deposit option at online casinos that is guaranteed to process instantly every time.

Who plays at instant eCheck online casinos?

That’s a tough question to answer because so many different types of people use eChecks for online gambling. We see everyday, working-class customers use the instant eCheck option from home all of the time, but we also see just as many businessmen process casino payments in this fashion from their cellular phones and office PC’s. Anyone who has a checking or savings account with a financial institution can use the instant eCheck option for online gambling.

Are there any fees involved with instant eCheck online casinos?

A few banks may charge their customers a small fee to process an eCheck on their behalf, but if your financial institution does this then it’s probably time to find another bank. The vast majority of lending institutions complete instant eChecks to online casinos or any other business for free. Likewise, we have yet to come across a legitimate online gaming destination that charges for eChecks.

Can I make withdrawals using instant eChecks?

Yes! Once you set up your instant eCheck account at an online casino, money can be moved instantly in both directions. Now, some banks may take a day or two in order to process incoming funds, so be sure to visit your local branch and ask about this service. Reputable online casinos send the money instantly, however, so it’s on your financial institution to get the money in your hands.

What are a few of the best instant eCheck online casinos?

Our personal favorite when it comes to instant eCheck gaming is Casino Titan. They have a wide variety of games with excellent house odds, very good customer service, and one of the best online loyalty programs you’ll ever find. To be fair though, we will also point out that WinPalace, Rushmore Online, Rome Casino, and 7Red are extremely well regarded within the industry as well.

More About Instant eCheck Gambling Sites

If you’re looking to gamble online, one of the best ways to get money into your account is through the use of an eCheck. An eCheck combines the simplicity and security of a traditional check with the speed of electronic transactions, making them both fast and reliable. If you’re not sure about how eChecks work, we’ll explain it to you below.

An eCheck is a form of electronic funds transfer, or EFT. Essentially, it works the same way as a paper check; you approve a transfer of funds from your account to another specified account, and once the transaction has been processed, the money appears in the new account. The checking system is in many ways safer for making online gambling transactions than using credit cards, since there is a much lower risk of fraud; in addition, you cannot go into debt by depositing money from your checking account, while credit card accounts can accrue interest and fees.

However, using a paper check to make a deposit at an online casino – even if it is allowed – is often a long and stressful process. First, you’ll have to write the check and mail it to the address specified by the casino site. These addresses will often be in foreign countries, meaning you’ll have to brave the international mail system and hope your check isn’t lost or damaged on the way to the casino. Once in arrives (which could take as long as two weeks or more), the casino will then have to cash the check and wait for it to clear. Processing an international check could take as much as a week or more, adding an even longer wait for you as the player. By the time this process ends, it could be as long as a month before your money is available to be used – and if anything goes wrong, you’ll have to start the process all over again.

Conversely, eChecks can be sent electronically. You’ll simply need to input your bank account information in the casino’s banking software, at which point the “check” will be instantly sent to the gambling site. At that point, the process of clearing the check will begin. Usually, this may take anywhere from 3-4 days, after which your money will be available to be used in the casino. In fact, some casinos will even allow you to start playing immediately before processing the check, as long as you’ve shown yourself to be trustworthy in the past when it comes to making deposits. There’s no risk of having the check be lost of damaged, and eliminates nearly all of the waiting time you’d encounter with a regular check.

The only downsides to eChecks are fairly minimal. Many casinos won’t allow you to use eChecks unless you’re an established customer, so for a first time player, they may not be a viable option. Secondly, an eCheck isn’t quite as fast as using a credit card to make a deposit. But if you’re looking to move money from your bank account to a gambling site, there’s usually no better way to do so than by using an eCheck.

Ed from MyPokerBasics staff Gives His Take

One of the first questions asked by many online gamblers is a simple one: can’t I just write a check to the site? The answer, usually, is yes – writing a check is a perfectly acceptable way to send money to the online casino of your choice. A lot of people find this convenient, since it’s an easy way to move money directly from their bank account into their gambling account.

However, there are a few downsides to making deposits with checks. The main one should be pretty obvious: it takes a long time for your check to clear. First, you’ll need to mail the check to the online casino, which can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks. Next, the casino will have to wait for your check to clear before you can begin playing with that money in your casino account. If your bank is in a different country than where the casino is based, this could cause another long delay. When you add in the fact that mail can get lost or damaged, it’s easy to see why writing a check is less than ideal for online gambling.

Many sites now offer eChecks as a faster and more secure alternative to traditional checks. A type of electronic funds transfer (or EFT), eChecks work almost identically to paper checks. Once the eCheck clears, the money is removed from your bank account and is deposited with the casino. The biggest difference is that there is no need to mail anything to the casino; the entire transaction can be done online, usually through the cashier interface in the casino software. All you’ll need to do is provide your bank account information and the amount of money you wish to deposit. At some casinos, you’ll instantly be able to play with the money you’ve deposited; at others, you may have to wait a few days for the transfer to clear before the money is available to you.

While eChecks are an excellent deposit option, they’re not available at all casinos, or to all players. A few of our favorite casinos do offer eChecks, including Cherry Red Casino, Rome Casino, Cherry Red Casino and Slots Oasis, all of which are also open to American players. However, it should be noted that eChecks are not available to new players at these online casinos; you’ll need to establish an account there and have made previous deposits in order to be eligible to fund your account with an eCheck.

In summary, there’s very little not to like about depositing via eCheck. If you’re looking for a fast and reliable method for moving money directly from your bank to an online casino account, eChecks will often be the best method available to you.

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