Crazy Pineapple Poker For Real Money


Crazy Pineapple Poker is currently one of the hottest new games in the poker world today but for some reason it is played on very few legitimate online websites. Part of that has to do with the extra programming it requires to cover all of the additional variables, but mostly it is because the majority of the people out there have no idea what it even is .This article wild introduce you to the wild world of Crazy Pineapple Poker and where you can go to play it.


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Crazy Pineapple Poker Rules

Crazy Pineapple is a Hi/Lo game, meaning that the pot is split between the best and worst possible hands at the table. The betting rounds are identical to Texas Hold’em where wagers are placed pre-flop (including the blinds), plus on the flop, river, and turn, so most people figure that it is nothing more than a variation of Omaha. There’s just one catch that makes this like nothing you’ve ever played before, however, and that’s an additional card dealt to you pre-flop.


So when the hand starts out, each player is dealt three hole cards. Don’t get too comfortable with them because you’ll have to discard one of the three cards after the flop, but just having that one extra card during the first two rounds of play gives each player a number of additional possibilities. In fact, seeing a single pair win a pot is actually a pretty rare occurrence at Crazy Pineapple Poker sites; most of the time the winning hand is two pairs or better on average. You’ll also have a lot more opportunities to chase those straights and flushes as well, so you can actually weaken your hand by choosing poorly early in the match.

After the Flop

After each player makes their wagers and discards one of their three hole cards, the rest of the game is played identical to Texas Hold’em. You’ll then bet the turn and the river, and if there’s still two or more players standing then the dealer will decide the high and low winners.

Crazy Pineapple Strategy

The number one thing to remember is that this is a Hi/Lo game, meaning that the best hand only takes 50% of the pot if there are two or more players remaining at the end. The other fifty percent would go to the player with the lowest possible hand; which is sort of a double edged sword for inexperienced players. It is very common for gamblers to think, “Well, my hand stinks but I should stick around for the Lo.” This is a crucial mistake if you did not make a discard for the low hand in the beginning; if your hand is weak (but not lower than the board) then you should fold.

As far as the three hole cards go, you’ll be looking for three possible options after each deal. A high pair is always a great starting hand, but three suited connectors are also often worth seeing the flop if the table is not extremely aggressive (which is usually the case in any Hi/Lo game). The trick is to decide early if you have a legitimate shot at the Hi hand, the Lo hand, or a sellable bluff; forget about value bets and sticking around to see one more card.

Playing the Hi Hands

Playing at Crazy Pineapple Poker sites is also about making tough decisions on the fly. For example, if you start out with the king of clubs, the king of diamonds, and the queen of diamonds, then you should definitely be betting aggressively pre-flop. If the flop comes out with the ten of diamonds, the jack of diamonds, and the king of hearts, then there’s quite a decision to make….chase the straight flush/royal flush or hope the trip kings hold out.

The correct move would solely depend on the table. If you bet strong and get slapped by a big re-raise, there’s a possibility that you’re not the current leader. Remember, each player started with three hole cards so there’s probably already someone with a straight…so you’re either winning by a lot or you’re already way behind. At certain tables a case could be made for keeping the kings, keeping the diamonds, or even folding in this scenario….except that it’s so darn hard to fold a royal flush draw. I personally can not do it, but hopefully you’re a better player than me.

Deciding on Hi or Lo

Let’s look at another pre-flop- ten/three/two; all different suits. The flop comes out ten/five/seven, so you’ll have to choose between a near lock on the Lo by keeping the 2/3 or hoping that your lone 10’s can somehow hold out. Top pair is always a strong hand but there’s plenty who will be drawing for a straight or a flush on the turn as well, so what’s the appropriate bet?

In this instance, your only move is to bet big. Not only will you chase the folks out who are chasing those straights and flushes, but if you get re-raised then you know to discard your ten and settle for half of the pot. There is a good chance that the entire table folds and you win the Hi and the Lo by default. The only problem comes when one or two people simply call…then you have a tough decision to make.

Play Crazy Pineapple Online

In six months we will probably be able to tell you a dozen or more Crazy Pineapple Poker sites, so if you truly enjoy the game like we do then we’re counting on you to contact the customer service desks at places like Sportsbook Poker, Players Only, and Absolute Poker to ask them to add it to their lineup.

For now, the only place you can enjoy Crazy Pineapple Poker is at Ultimate Bet, which works out well since they are one of the most popular poker sites on the net. If you dedicate some time towards mastering this game there is a tremendous amount of money to be won at UB since many really do not understand the possibilities of each hand, so when you win big be sure to send us an email to share with our other readers.

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