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Historically, Europeans have had a great deal of freedom when it comes to playing in online casinos. Most countries have very permissive laws for online gambling, giving players a huge range of options for playing at casino sites, poker rooms, and other gaming companies. We’ve looked at the hundreds of different choices available in Europe, and come up with a list of what we think are the best sites out there. Read below to see our choices for the top European online casinos.

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In most European countries, players have full access to online casinos and poker sites. This can work in two different ways. In the absence of other regulations, many countries simply allow online gambling – meaning players can play at any sites they like, no matter where they’re based.

In some countries, like France, the government sets licensing requirements that gambling companies must meet in order to offer their games to French citizens. Once the company meets these guidelines, they work in conjunction with the government to offer sites that only French players can use. The government then taxes the profits of the sites in question, keeping the money in the local economy (rather than allowing it to flow to overseas sites).

In some European nations (most notably Germany), regulations ranging from restrictions on what games can be offered all the way to complete bans on online gambling do exist. However, these laws are quite controversial, in large part because many believe they are not allowed until the laws of the European Union. These laws may become the subject of rather intense legal battles in the coming years, as the online gambling companies would both like to enter these lucrative markets and believe they have the legal right to do so.

As in the United States, some European countries have taken a less direct tactic when trying to cut down on online betting. For instance, Norway restricts online gambling by preventing the transactions that fund online betting accounts, rather than trying to pass any laws that actually outlaw the practice. While these restrictions sometimes work, they don’t prevent online gambling entirely, since the casino sites are quick to create new deposit methods that work around these laws.

For most Europeans, though, depositing and withdrawing from online gaming accounts is very simple. In most countries, players have a wide range of options available, from online banking systems to e-wallets, plus the standard credit and debit card deposits. Even in the few places where financial restrictions exist, workarounds are generally plentiful.

One last area of interest for European players is taxation. Unfortunately, there’s no one answer when it comes to taxes on gambling winnings. In some countries, such as France, only professional gamblers owe taxes on winnings. In other cases, such as in Greece, every player must pay taxes on gambling profits, though the rates can vary dramatically from country to country.

Overall, Europeans can enjoy online gambling much more readily than their American counterparts. The level of regulation is much lighter, and where there are regulations, they exist to make the games safer for players, not to restrict access. Even the few countries that actually do ban online gambling to some extent may have to ease up after the European Union reviews these laws, as they may not conform to EU policy.

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