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Have you ever wondered why so many people have turned away from traditional casinos and decided to place their wagers on instant slots over the internet instead? We’re not talking about a few thousand people here and there either…there are currently an estimated fifty million people worldwide that no longer visit brick and mortar gambling establishments- with those numbers increasing at a rate of about 50,000-100,000 per month. So why are people making this switch to instant online slots all of a sudden? The answers may surprise you.

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#1- Better Security

Have you ever won big on a slot machine inside a real-world casino? The first thing I though when I landed a win of just over $10,000 one night was, “How many people are watching me? Am I going to get attacked in the parking lot?” It turns out that I’m not alone either; getting robbed outside of a traditional casino is a legitimate concern of many players. Just look at the crime rates in cities around the world where gambling is legal…it’s a serious problem.

On the other hand, the only person who could rob you inside a virtual casino is a skilled hacker with incredible skills. Most online casinos have encryption rates that are similar to what the major financial institutions use, so if you win big at instant play slots then your money is completely secure. Places like WinPalace have security down so well that they guarantee your account is 100% safe.

#2- Better Atmospheres

Who wants people looking over their shoulder while they’re gambling anyway? Besides the security issues, people inside traditional casinos can be just plain rude. If I had a dollar for every time someone sat down beside me at an instant slot machine with a stinking cigar…well, I probably wouldn’t be gambling anymore because I’d be rich. Oh, and that’s not even the worst part; the people who would want to be my new best friend would simply drive me crazy! I went there to gamble; not to socialize.

When playing at instant play slots casinos online, you control the atmosphere and what’s going on around you. From the comfort of your home or office, all of the activity around you is on your terms; meaning that if you want to listen to Bon Jovi at an ear-piercing volume then that’s completely up to you. Of course, if you want to talk to other player and make new friends…that’s completely up to you and there’s a live chat available. The graphics are also visually stunning at many of the newer websites; take a look at 7Red Casino to see what we mean.

3- Real Customer Service

Have you ever felt lost inside a traditional casino? I remember one time I wanted to get some information about an upcoming instant slots tournament and there was absolutely nobody around who seemed to know the answer. The first person I talked to sent me towards a pit boss, the pit boss sent me to the VIP cashier, and that gal sent me right back to the first window I started at fifteen minutes earlier. It was like none of them even cared.

When you’re playing instant play slots online, there are no loud casino noises with hundreds of employees running around in circles. If there’s a problem, you can simply pick up the phone or send a quick text message, then you’ll have your answer in seconds. Online casinos usually have much better customer service because their employees only deal with one player at a time, so you’ll have their undivided attention.

4- Fantastic Cash Bonuses

I remember going to a casino several years back because they offered free alcohol to anyone playing at the slot machines on weeknights. At first it was top shelf liquor when they opened, but within a month the drinks were watered down and took forever to arrive. The next thing you know, they eliminated the comps completely and charged $8 for a watered down drink that took thirty minutes to arrive.

Online casinos can’t bribe you with free drinks or prizes, which is why they give their customers cold, hard cash in the form of a deposit bonus. In fact, right now Rome Casino has a 500% deposit bonus for new players- when has the place down the street from you ever offered something like that? Comparing the two types of gambling will allow you to quickly see that it no longer pays to visit traditional casinos.

5- Loyalty Programs that Work

In the old days, pit bosses would watch you play and if you were a big better, they rolled out the red carpet for you. Free meals, complimentary rooms, show tickets; the perks were endless. Nowadays, however, all we get is a darn VIP card and a dirty look when we ask if we’ve earned anything. Players are no longer important inside casinos; you’re just another number with money in your pocket.

One of the best things about a virtual casino with instant slots play is that they do not have the massive overhead traditional casinos do, so they can give excellent loyalty rewards to even casual players. To see what I mean, check out the loyalty program over at Rome Casino or Casino Titan…they really take care of their players with free cash, exciting tournament entries around the world, and thousands of great prizes like televisions, smartphones, and iPods.

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