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Rarely does a day go by without one of our readers emailing us and asking about the hottest deposit bonuses around or how to acquire free casino money. While these kinds of special incentives change all the time when a new casino opens, there have also been a number of questions about how instant casino bonuses work in general. Below we will try to answer each of your questions and point you in the right direction to find some of the highest instant casino bonuses on the internet.

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What is an instant casino bonus?

An instant casino bonus essentially means that the gaming website will give you completely free money for trying out their casino games. In some cases this means that they are offering a match bonus on anything you deposit, while in other cases it can be in the form of an upfront gift of $5-10 (which is the least favorable of the two offers…we will explain that in a minute).

Why would completely free cash be worse than a deposit bonus?

The no deposit bonus offers are essentially a marketing gimmick 99% of the time because they are not giving you anything. Even though your account will be credited with a few dollars to play with, that money remains the property of the casino. To make matters even worse, any profits made with that money has to be won over and over again so many times that it is almost impossible to ever see a penny of it.

So how do instant casino bonuses work?

An instant casino bonus essentially works the same way as the free money offers, except that they are usually much easier to clear (at reputable casinos). It is important to remember, however, that most of the online casinos around the internet would not be considered reputable by any stretch of the imagination. Some of them would even be considered scams or criminal violations.

What’s the difference between a bad instant casino bonus and a scam website?

A recent study showed that there are over 10,000 fraudulent websites on the internet that are posing as legitimate casinos. While many of these end up being shut down by governments, authorities, and service providers, the people who made the various fraudulent websites normally find ways to avoid criminal prosecution. Within hours of their original portal being shut down, they have two or three more bogus casinos out in cyberspace. If you deposit money at one of these locations, they simply take your cash and disappear.

A bad instant deposit bonus casino is a little bit different. While you’ll probably never see a penny of your money from this website either, the requirements are somewhere on the webpage (usually in tiny 4 point text) that state you’ll have to win hundreds or even thousands of times before you can make a withdrawal. Others will intentionally delay the processing of your outgoing payment 4-6 weeks while forcing you to reply in writing on a specific day…usually without any type of notice. Even though these websites are also essentially scams, many regions consider them legal because the terms are started in writing.

How do I avoid fraudulent instant casino bonuses?

The easiest way is to only place wagers inside a licensed online casino that is regulated by an authority like the Kahnawake Gaming Commission or a State Government. If anything on the casino website looks out of place or gives you an uneasy feeling, stay away from it.

Where are some of the better instant casino bonuses around the net?

Now that we’ve scared you into thinking that the internet is nothing but criminals, scam artists, and hackers, we should probably tell you that there are actually several great online casinos out there that offer real instant deposit bonuses for their players. Most of the legitimate online gaming portals are fully certified and the terms for collecting your bonus money are easy to locate and interpret, meaning that you do not have to worry about falling victim to some type of con artist. Here are the top instant casino bonuses that are currently available on the internet-

Rome Casino

Rome Casino is one of the newest members of the elite gaming websites in cyberspace and their population has skyrocketed due to an unfathomable new player promotion that’s simply too good to pass up on. For a limited time, every new member at Rome Casino will receive a 500% deposit bonus on their first deposit….that’s five times your initial investment! The best news is that this free money is fairly easy to convert into real cash and the time limitations are very relaxed when compared to other websites.

As far as the actual games are concerned, Rome Casino has the most advanced online casino that has ever been created. The graphics are spectacular, the game play is smooth, and they currently have among the best odds you’ll find anywhere.


While the 200% instant casino bonus at WinPalace does not appear as attractive as the one you’ll find at Rome Casino, it actually applies to your first and second deposit plus each of them are much easier to clear. WinPalace also has one of the hottest customer loyalty programs going right now that well make up for the difference and they are one of the few virtual casinos that will place the cash directly into your hands when you ask for it.

WinPalace also has a host of exciting casino games with exceptional odds and a total house edge of less than 2% on all of the casino games combined. They have built a solid reputation among the global gaming community by offering excellent deposit bonuses, superior customer service, and making each individual player feel special.

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