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Find the best online casinos accepting Amex deposits. Update September 2018: The only casino to accept Amex deposits is currently Bet Online.

Amex Online Casinos

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Any gambler worth his salt should be familiar with the world of online gaming because the days of dusty backrooms filled with choking cigarette smoke, hardened gangsters and crooked dealers are long past. Gamblers no longer have to loiter in pretentious casinos that impose a hefty cover charge, treat customers who make profits like criminals and ply you with offers of free food and drinks to encourage you to gamble outside of your comfort zone. With the advent of online gaming, you can enjoy the thrills and spills of a casino from the comfort of your own home. All you need to get started is a reliable Internet connection, a few mugs of beer (or coffee, depending on what your poison is) and a lot of gumption to begin your online gaming today! Oh, and one more thing – you need a credit card accepted by the online casino of your choice, like an American Express card.

Although it was once difficult to make deposits using an American Express due to restrictions on US online gaming, newer casinos taking such deposits have sprung up all over the place. AmEx users will be able to enjoy the quick, secure transmissions and generous rewards system that the credit card giant is renowned for while gambling online. Just a few years ago, many online casinos were just as disreputable as many brick and mortar establishments, and the security of your credit card transmissions were suspect and threatened by hackers. Many American gamers also experienced the hair-tearing frustration of having their transactions repeatedly rejected by American Express due to the UIGEA (the unlawful internet gaming enforcement act).

Convinced that American Express was indeed the world’s most recognisable credit card brand, I myself happily signed up for an American Express card several years ago. Imagine my dismay when my attempts to deposit money in online casino accounts were rejected again and again! Instead of being a leisurely and relaxing activity, my failed gaming experience simply added to the stress of my already hectic life (not to mention the hassle of applying for another credit card so I could gamble online). AmEx users who enjoy trying their luck at the tables can now breathe a sigh of relief – those days are also over. Here are the three best casinos for American Express deposits-

Rome Casino (currently accepting Amex)

Rome Casino processes and accepts American Express payments. They have an outstanding payment processor and the highest deposit success rate for USA players at the moment. They offer amex online blackjack, amex online craps, and many other popular classics with special bonuses for amex users.

Rushmore (no longer accepting amex)

Rushmore Online is a popular online casino renowned for its security and transparency. Fans appreciate the efficient and comprehensive gaming and financial history system that is unique to the site. If a player suspects that he/she has been cheated, they can easily review their gaming history, right down to every last dollar and cent wagered through the system. If a player suspects that their withdrawals or deposits have been mishandled by Rushmore Online, they can analyse their financial transaction history. These features are implemented and regularly maintained by Technical Systems Testing (TST), a company hired by many other reputable gaming sites to review fair play. TST also reviews the casino’s random generator to ensure that the system gives all players an industry leading chance at making profits through normal play. Needless to say, as an industry-leading online casino such disputes are uncommon, but Rushmore nevertheless has affirmed their wholehearted commitment to providing a secure, trustworthy casino experience with this special feature.

Rushmore Online also provides peerless customer service. Their customer hotline is available 24/7 and replies to emails are always prompt. Their customer service support staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly to guarantee a pleasant gaming experience.

Part of any casino’s service also involves their promotions and Rushmore has some irresistible offers. First time users get an $888 welcome bonus, 100% first deposit bonus up to $400 by entering the coupon code “400FREE” and a 100% second deposit bonus up to $488 by entering the coupon code “488FREE”. The Rushmore VIP club offers great privileges such as daily bonuses, constant cash-back and rake-back programs and sky-high stakes. The club is invitation-only, adding another exciting dimension to your gaming entertainment.

Making a deposit on Rushmore using your American Express is as simple as filling out a quick authorisation form requesting basic details such as your address and credit card number. Rushmore has the highest American Express acceptance rate for credit card deposits, so you need not worry that your transaction will be rejected. The funding, which is processed in US dollars, is instant. You can immediately proceed to Rushmore’s bevy of thrilling games like Caribbean Craps, blackjack and video poker, and you don’t have to clutter your computer by downloading their program if you don’t want to – you can simply run their web-based application. Keep in mind, though, that this results in slower connection speeds. They used to offer amex online slots, and amex online craps, but do not process these cards anymore.

Cherry Red (no longer accepting amex)

Another online casino of considerable renown is Cherry Red. Like the previous sites, it offers generous deposit bonuses of 100% up to $777. Users need only enter the coupon code 377FREE and 400 FREE when making their first and second real-money deposits respectively to earn the bonuses. Another noteworthy feature of Cherry Red is the impressive, high-definition graphics the software provides. Designed by Real-Time Gaming, the Cherry Red girl looks incredibly lifelike, further heightening your online casino experience. Finally, Cherry Red offers premium security technology. No customer has ever complained about their credit card details being misappropriated or financial transactions being awry. State-of-the-art encryption makes your withdrawal and deposit process absolutely hacker-resistant, allowing you to head to the gaming tables with peace of mind. A high acceptance rate for American Express customers of over 98% ensures that you will be able to start playing as soon as possible.

Making a deposit on Cherry Red Casino is relatively easy. The most attractive part is the sheer efficiency involved. Most online casinos require a large number of supporting documents that are only processed after the withdrawal request has been made, adding needless delay and frustration. Slots Oasis has done much of the customer’s work for him, placing the necessary documents on the same page as the deposit options so that all the paperwork can be gotten out of the way with minimum hassle. You simply set up a Cherry Red account, click on “Cashier”, fill out your usual credit card details and enter your desired deposit. Take note that the minimum deposit is $50 and the maximum $1000. The authorisation process is swift, especially with Cherry Red’s extremely high American Express casino acceptance rate. This combination of variety, security, and ease-of-use makes Cherry Red one of the best casinos that accept American Express. Unfortunately, they no longer offer amex online video poker, and amex poker like they did in the past.

Slots Oasis (no longer accepting amex)

Another notable contender among the best casinos that accept American Express is Slots Oasis. The most outstanding promotion is their unparalleled 400% first deposit bonus up to $4000, with a low 20x play-through requirement. This is probably the most generous first-deposit bonus available on the Internet today and for players looking to build fortune from a small bankroll, this will surely come in handy. For what is purportedly a specialised slots site, Slots Oasis offers a great variety of over 120 games, including 60 different slot machines. Fans of blackjack should take note of their massive 200% bonus up to $1000, exclusively for blackjack players. Although it requires a larger 50x play-through, skilled black jack players will surely relish the challenge. Blackjack tournaments are also occasionally offered.

The security of Slots Oasis is beyond any doubt the best around. It is licensed in Curacao in the Netherlands which is considered one of the best regulatory jurisdictions for casinos worldwide. Like Rushmore Online, Slots Oasis has also earned TST’s stamp of approval. All their games and programs come with TST’s certification of fairness and utilise TST’s reliable number generators. Your deposit using American Express is also protected using SSL encryption, so your credit card details remain entirely secure throughout the process.

After years of restrictions by the governments and corrupt casinos, the fantastic world of online gaming is finally starting to offer fairness for gamers worldwide. Since American Express is a brand world-famous for reliability and rewards, the two go together as well as a hot summer day and a cool glass of lemonade. Enjoy your time at the tables and remember to gamble responsibly. Although slots oasis used to offer amex online baccarat and amex online blackjack in the past, they no longer offer this feature in 2018.

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