Live Dealer Poker Is Finally A Reality


So, you heard about that new poker site, that has live webcams and you want to know if it’s legit or just another one of those dumb, social poker sites. Actually, it’s a little bit of both, and it’s also unlike anything that the Internet has ever seen before. offers live dealer poker that allows you to stare your opponent in the face as he pushes all-in and tries to bluff that big pot; before now it’s all been guesswork. At PokerView, it’s just like sitting inside your favorite traditional poker room (except the snacks are definitely cheaper).


Live Texas Holdem at PokerView – The Good

On the plus side, seeing your opponent face to face is a huge advantage. Before live webcams were added to poker rooms, we often had to decipher what it meant when it took a player those long twenty seconds to raise; was it intentional, his nerves getting to him or just plain lag? Well, that’s not an issue anymore because PokerView puts you dead in the center of the action no matter what table you’re at.

Here’s another reason we like PokerView- A lot of our readers end up pretty darn good at reading players over the Internet and they begin to think that they really have what it takes in the industry. Once they attend a local tournament, however, their body language makes their play all too predictable and they end up making an early exit. PokerView is like the middle-grounds between attending a casino and playing online; you can still see your opponents but you’re not forced to fork out a massive buy-in either.

Of course, we wouldn’t even bother reviewing PokerView if they did not have a good foundation in the first place. Their customer service was knowledgeable and friendly every time we called and the big first time deposit bonus also helps out a lot. They also gladly send their new members a premium webcam to get them started, so everyone gets a free gift right off the bat.

Live Texas Holdem at PokerView – The Bad

Obviously, it’s hard to put a lot of faith in any new poker destination- whether its land based or on the Internet. Even though PokerView has done everything right so far, only time will tell if their gambling innovations will turn into a global phenomenon or a flop. Some people simply do not like webcams (gamblers included) because they love the mystery of the Internet; it will be interesting to see if those types of people give the live dealer poker a try.

Live Texas Holdem at PokerView – Overall

Honestly, we had a great first few experiences at PokerView. The graphics are very good, the layout menus are positioned just right, and it’s hard to beat being able to talk a little smack to your opponent as he accidentally bets heavily into your full house. While it’s not quite traditional casino poker and it’s certainly different from the other gambling websites, only time will tell if PokerView becomes the dominant live poker site that so many are hoping it will be. In our opinion it’s one of the best online poker rooms around right now…but that decision is ultimately up to you. Go grab a free webcam, play a few hands, and let us know what you think.

Live Dealer Technology Is Finally A Reality (not open to USA Players) announced earlier this week the unveiling of their new state-of-the-art virtual casino that features real-life dealers in the place of the traditional computerized interactions that players have become accustomed to. This innovative change was made largely due to the negative press that has recently plagued the industry in regards to faulty computer systems and intelligent cyber hackers, which is explained in detail by MSNBC. The event chronicled a former employee who hacked into and won over $700,000 by being able to view other player’s hole cards in Texas Hold’em, and the worldwide gambling communities have been leery about the legitimacy of wagering online ever since. has never experienced any of the security breaches that rendered Absolute Poker on the brink of bankruptcy, largely because they ensured that their software remained well above industry standards in terms of security and the protection of each individual player. Their move from the virtual world to live online dealers was made purely from a marketing standpoint, because with live web cameras and actual dealers handing out playing cards, their system mimics playing inside a real life brick and mortar casino more than any online entity to date.

Customer Response Has Been Phenomenal

“I really dig the live dealers because it’s like being in an actual casino,” Robert Parker of Miami, Florida said. “The dealer was calling me by name and everything, and it really makes you feel like you’re part of the action and not at the mercy of the computer programs.”

Another player, Tony Polamalu from St. Louis had this to say, “I stopped betting online because you never really knew if the games were legit. I’ve missed it though, so I’m really glad made the move to live dealers. I won almost two hundred bucks tonight playing Hold’em and it was a great time.”

Essentially, the technology behind the move is simple. places a centralized camera directly in front of the dealer to give the viewpoint that simulates sitting at an actual poker table. At the Texas Hold’em tables, the player wagers in the exact same manner that he would inside a regular casino, placing a bet pre-flop and again after the flop, the turn, and the river. Each opponent has actual cards in front of them so there nothing is left to chance in terms of manipulations or ways to cheat the system, and so far players have been very supportive of this new era in online gaming. From start to finish, the play is identical to that of a real life casino.

Jennifer Galston of Seattle, Washington added, “All these other websites say that the odds are fair and all, but how do we really know? is actually backing up their claim by proving its fair for everyone. Somebody even said the US government is bringing poker back to the states because of them.”

US Legislation Effects On Live Dealer Texas Hold’em

While the US Government has yet to comment either way on this exciting new technology, they have recently made mention of repealing the Safe Port Act of 2006 with new legislation that would allow the government to capitalize on the $65 billion dollar industry of online poker. Fox News reported that the Safe Port Act did not outlaw online poker or any type of gambling within the United States; instead it simply made it difficult for players to transfer money to and from the virtual casinos that they played at. The Wall Street Journal reports that Majority Leader Harry Reid is seeking supporters within the Senate to eliminate that stipulation with a new bill early in 2018 which would bring full online gaming back to Americans without all the deposit complications. website implemented a hybrid technology that combines live cameras with internet technologies so that each player can watch the action live on their computer monitors, but there is also a dedicated section that shows the action digitized for players who prefer the clean, sharp images of wagering online. Many of the online games also implement strategy tutorials right within each hand itself to help novice players learn the game as they build confidence in wagering.

Due to the enormous investment behind implementing live dealers within their establishments, has declined to comment on additional implementations of their live dealer casinos for the time being. Gamblers worldwide have taken these trend-setting moves to indicate these two live dealer casinos have taken their wishes to heart and wish to prove the legitimacy of online poker and other Vegas style games, which was why they were considered industry leaders to begin with.

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