Prepaid MasterCard Poker Sites – Poker Rooms that Accept MasterCard 2018

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When the average person thinks about the internet, in most cases they would never dream of reaching into their wallet and pulling out a credit card in order to complete a transaction. The thought of sending financial information through cyberspace is enough to keep even the boldest of consumers from using their credit card online; but believe it or not is it one of the most secure ways to make a purchase anywhere in the world. In fact, people are six times more likely to have personal information stolen while inside a bank when compared to a purchase at reputable online poker sites. This article will discuss using MasterCard as a method of payment inside online poker rooms, what to look out for, and how to speed up MasterCard deposits.


The Benefits of Using MasterCard for Poker Deposits :


#1 Currency Conversions

Even though an online casino technically resides in cyberspace, there is an actual business behind it that is located somewhere within the world. Ultimate Bet Poker, for example, is located on the island of Malta, which happens to be in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The local currency there is the Euro, which may or may not be your country’s official currency. Since MasterCard is a global credit card, this conversion takes place automatically.

#2 Theft Protection

Let’s say that a criminal somehow did penetrate a casino’s security layers and made off with your credit card number. This is almost impossible, mind you, because many online poker rooms have an encryption that rivals what the FBI or Scotland Yard uses. Anyway, if you had sent cash, a check, or a money order, then the funds would be gone forever. With MasterCard, you have 100% theft protection on any online purchase. If you somehow became a victim of identity theft or fraud, MasterCard would handle the entire situation on your behalf.

#3 Fast Approval Times

Whenever money is being moved from one part of the world to another, there are always delays between the financial institutions while the transaction is processing. Since MasterCard handles its own conversions, however, much of the waiting time is completely eliminated. No matter where you need a payment to go, they have a local office in that region that can process it instantly.


Almost everyone has a MasterCard, it seems, so it makes sense that it would be one of the most popular deposit methods at many online poker sites. It’s been around since 1966, and the deposit method works the same as any other credit card. Simply enter your card number and expiration date when prompted, and enter the amount you’d like to deposit and play with. Some poker sites will require you to enter the three-digit code on the back of your card as extra verification.

If you don’t already have a MasterCard, you can follow the online application process and find an issuer. You’ll have the option to search for credit cards, which lend you money and force you to pay interest. You can also look for debit cards, which draw money directly from your bank account and will not allow you to remove more money than you have in the account.

MasterCard is accepted as deposit method at some of the top online poker sites, such as Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, two of the more reputable sites online. Party Poker is probably the most well known site in existence, and also uses MasterCard as a deposit method for its non-US customer base.

MasterCard Customer Rewards

Gambling inside a poker room is based on percentages, so why would a player not want to use their MasterCard to receive cash back or bonus points towards travel? In fact, many professional players will make maximum daily deposits at their favorite online casino just for the rewards points, and when you combine that with casino deposit bonuses it adds up to a whole lot of free money.

Pre-Paid MasterCards

Even if you do not have a MasterCard (or a Maestro Card in some countries), there is a good chance that you can still use this form of payment to receive the above benefits. Many different types of retail stores carry a pre-paid MasterCard that can be stocked with any amount of cash, which makes it very easy to keep track of spending. In many cases, the same pre-paid card can be used over and over again as well; all the consumer has to do is call a toll-free number on the back of the card to deposit more money into the account.

Poker Rooms to Avoid with MasterCard :

#1 Slow Processing

It is often a good practice to place your first deposit over the phone instead of through an online server, simply because you can ask the customer service representative some questions before initiating the transaction. For example, ask what their overall approval rate is with MasterCard and how long it normally takes for the funds to be deposited into your account. This could vary anywhere between ten minutes to three days, so be sure that you ask up front.

#2 Poor Security Ratings

Like we’ve previously stated, your online transactions while using MasterCard are 100% protected from fraud. There’s a catch to that though, because it normally takes a day or two for them to remove the fraudulent charges from your balance. In the meantime, you’re stuck waiting to play poker while some criminal is off spending MasterCard’s money, so it’s always in your best interest to make sure that the website in question is legitimate and has high security standards.

#3 No Affiliation

Each major casino throughout the world is sanctioned by some type of governing body to ensure that the games being played on the website are fair for both the casino and the players. If you do not see an affiliation listed on the poker room’s homepage, find somewhere else to gamble.

What Types of Online Poker Rooms Accept MasterCard?

Almost every casino on the planet will accept MasterCard for instant deposits, but some of them have trouble getting approval due to the classification of their business within their home region. This setback really is not the casino’s fault, because a large part of the acceptance rate depends on legislation within the governments and the financial institutions. Some of them place a mandatory hold on any funds being transferred to or from a casino, and in some regions there is simply no way around this. Here are a few online poker rooms with excellent MasterCard acceptance rates-

Ultimate Bet MasterCard Deposits

In many areas of the world, UB can achieve nearly 100% acceptance rates on MasterCard and they have money deposited within the player’s account within an hour. In the USA, this approval percentage is relatively lower of course because of UIEGA, but still very respectable. Since this is already the most advanced poker room in the world, it should be your first stop when searching for MasterCard poker tables. More professional players call this website home than all the others on this list combined, and many of them were instrumental in making UB what it is today.

Absolute Poker MasterCard Deposits

Absolute Poker struggled with MasterCard for a little while in 2009, but recently their approval rates have been among the best around. After filling out a simple form on their website and selecting your deposit amount, you could be sitting at a table within twenty minutes if everything works out well. I’m not completely sure how they managed to accomplish this, but I’m definitely not complaining since it’s a great place to play in tournaments and for table stakes. Absolute Poker accepts Mastercard deposits in 2018.

Sportsbook Poker MasterCard Deposits

In all honesty, Sportsbook is hit or miss with MasterCard in many regions, but their overall approval rate is still a cut above the rest on average. They accept players from all over the world and they are truly an industry leader when it comes to exciting promotions, generous freerolls, and launching new games as the consumers request it. Sportsbook Poker accepts Mastercard deposits in 2018.

Players Only Poker MasterCard Deposits

Players Only was one of the first online poker rooms to step back and say, “What do our customers really want?” After giving it a good bit of thought, they realized that the answer was fair tables with a large variety of poker games to compliment almost any type of gambler. Then they added some of the best bonuses and loyalty programs found on the internet, which is why tens of thousands of players frequent their website daily. Players Only also has excellent approval rates of MasterCard as well. Players Only accepts Mastercard deposits in 2018.

MasterCard Deposit Wrap-Up

We live in a society that values (and even expects) instant gratification. That means that a lot of us have become dependent on the convenience and comfort of using our credit card. And the need for speed is even more persistent in the world of online poker. That’s why it can be so disappointing to do your research, pick out a poker room, and then find out that they don’t accept MasterCards as a method of deposit. While there are certainly benefits to using an e-wallet in some situations, when you want to get into the cash action fast, nothing beats the immediate access that a credit card gives you. To save you some time, we’ve compiled a short list of our favorite poker sites that accept MasterCard.

UB takes MasterCard with a low minimum deposit of $10 and a maximum of $1000 per day with a weekly maximum of $5000 and a monthly maximum of $20,000. They are currently offering a 111% first deposit match worth up to a whopping $1100.

PlayersOnly boasts of the highest credit card acceptance rate in the online poker industry. A MasterCard deposit with them is available literally in seconds. Their minimum deposit is a little higher at $20 with a daily maximum of $1000 and a monthly maximum of $6000 (which can be doubled by completing the site’s authorization forms). You’ll have your choice of an instant $200 bonus or a 100% first deposit match worth up to $650.

Absolute Poker, like its sister site UB, has a minimum deposit of $10 and a maximum of $1000 per day though their weekly maximum of $3000 and monthly maximum of a mere $5000 are significantly lower. Play with Absolute and you’ll be eligible for a 150% first deposit match worth up to $500.

You should still be eligible for your preferred poker room’s sign-up bonus when using a credit card, but few poker rooms offer preferred method bonuses for MasterCard though occasionally you can earn a token bonus by completing a room’s repeat deposit authorization forms. Another catch that MasterCard users should be aware of is that very few poker rooms allow players to withdraw funds directly to their credit cards, so you may still have to open an e-wallet to get faster payments, or you’ll have to settle for a check.

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