Play Poker for Fun – Playing Internet Poker for Fun Only

Playing online poker for fun will mean different things to different people. For those who have absolutely no interest in gambling (now or in the future), almost any website that has standard poker tables would meet their needs. More advanced players that are working on improving their game would probably want to face off against stronger competition, so these beginner types of websites would probably do more harm than good. There is also several free poker rooms designed to teach players how to develop a solid betting strategy, and these can be a big asset for those who are not used to gambling on the internet

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Why Play Poker for Fun?

Believe it or not, most professional players play poker every single day of their lives. Part of their desire stems from their love for the game, but for the most part they play so that they can continue to improve their betting skills, strengthen their reads on other players, and learn to make better overall decisions against various opponents. Even some of the top professionals in the world like Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey have said that the only way to improve is to continuously play. It definitely does not always have to be about money.

In fact, the aspect of betting is usually the biggest weakness in any player’s game. Most of the time players can tell when they really shouldn’t be in a hand, but the check, call, and raise can be much more difficult at times. Free poker tables allow players to develop these skills without fear of losing a small fortune during the process.

The Positive Aspect of Free Poker Tables

There’s no denying it; playing poker is fun regardless of whether or not money is involved. A free poke table automatically takes away all of the negative aspects of the game and allows people to find a true betting style without worrying about losing their pants in the process. Another great aspect of free poker rooms is that there are thousands of them out there with billions of competitors, so finding a game doesn’t usually take more than a few minutes.

The Negative Aspects of Free Poker Tables

This can often work against many players to some extent though, because there is little incentive to play by any set of rules. For example, if you started a hand with pocket 6’s and someone else bet $100 pre-flop in a real money game, you’re definitely going to pause for a second and think about how aggressive that player has been on previous hands. In a free money game, however, you’ll call it every time…even if it means going all-in on the very first hand.

If you’re a tournament player, then the problem becomes even more severe. It is actually a rarity for someone at the table to not go all-in on the very first hand at any free tournament table, and there’s usually 3-4 that will call regardless of what their cards are. Since the ultimate goal of any tournament is to remain in the game, suddenly those pocket aces you’re sitting there with don’t appear too attractive against four or five other hands. If your opponents do not take the game seriously, then it becomes very difficult for you to develop any type of strategy that would apply at real money tables.

Likewise, there is absolutely no reason to fold at a free money table when you think an opponent is bluffing. There may be four diamonds on the board with a player betting big and you’re sitting there with two black sevens; but what the heck, you’re going to make him show that flush. The problem with this style of play is that once you do finally try your luck within a real money game, it’s like comparing basketball to ice hockey; they’re two completely different games.

What Kind of Free Poker Tables Should I look for ?

If you never plan on actually gambling (online or inside a traditional casino), it really doesn’t matter where you play at. The most important part is for you to have some fun, and as long as you’re able to do that with amateur players that make foolish bets then any poker room will do nicely. Some players actually become experts within these types of poker rooms and they have a lot of pride from their massive imaginary chip count. If that’s the game for you then that’s great, as long as you realize that the play style is nothing like you’d experience inside a real casino.

For those who are looking to strengthen their overall game at real money tables, then the types of rooms that were just described should be avoided at all costs. Instead, it is important to find players of a high skill level that treat each hand as if it were for actual stakes. The best place to find this type of experience is inside actual poker gambling sites, since most of the players there play both for free and for money. Not only will it give you experience reacting to each hand in a “real money” type environment, but you’ll also learn a heck of a lot more from your wins and losses in these rooms.

Which Real-Money Casinos have Free Tables?

There are several online poker websites that offer free play, and some of the better ones also offer freeroll tournaments that have cash prizes or other types of gifts. In fact, not too long ago a player at Ultimate Bet Poker won a freeroll tournament that got him a seat in a World Poker Tour Event, which was valued at $10,000. Even though he came nowhere near close to winning on the WPT, his 37th place finish earned him just over $102,000…..all because of playing for a few hours in a free tournament that was open to everyone.

Here are a few places that have plenty of freeroll tournaments, solid play at free tables, and other incentives that make it worth playing there-

Ultimate Bet Poker

In case you’ve never heard of UB, it was the only poker room ever designed by real-life poker champions. In fact, Phil Hellmuth plays there almost daily in order to sharpen his overall game, as does a dozen or more professionals that have made final table appearances in the WSOP or the WPT. You’d be simply amazed at how many of these guys started out at free tables over the internet, and more eventual millionaires have emerged from Ultimate Bet than any other website.

Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker is a great place to play at free tables because they treat all of their clients extremely well. In fact, they have multiple promotions every day of the week in order to allow free players to earn cash, which can either be cashed out or wagered at one of the real-money tables. The skill level within the free rooms also seems to be particularly high at this website, so their players will always give you a good look at what to expect in stakes games.

Sportsbook Poker

Sportsbook Poker was one of the first gaming sites to ever implement free money games for customers that were not sure about online gambling, and for the past 15 years they have consistently had some of the busier tables on the net. They offer freeroll tournaments every hour plus several other special incentive games that have valuable prizes, exotic vacations, and good old cash money.

Players Only Poker

If you’re looking for a free poker room that has thousands of tables, quality players, and plenty of freebies, then Players Only Poker may be the online casino for you. They are constantly coming out with new formats of tournaments and ways for the non-paying customer to walk away a winner, so be sure to give this poker room a try.

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