Live Dealer Blackjack Now A Reality


Gamblers can now log directly into the casino be greeted by a live dealer that is seated at a regulation blackjack table and the action plays out just like you’re sitting in a live casino on the Vegas strip. Professional players will savor over the extra advantage gained over the house since the game is played with a standard six deck shoe, while amateurs will benefit from the in-game tutorials and personalized advice that is provided by the young, beautiful dealers. Players and activists around the world have lobbied for this type of online action for over a decade, and Sportsbook is finally the online casino to deliver it!


The game of blackjack has always been one of world’s favorite pastimes; in fact, some scholars trace the game all the way back to China, India, and Egypt in 900 AD. Of course, the decks looked quite a bit different back then since each card was hand painted, and the average deck would cost about the equivalent of a white collar worker’s weekly salary today. It became so popular in Europe in the 14th century that Paris outlawed the game being played at all on weekdays, citing that it caused such a drop in productivity within the local factories that businesses were struggling to keep up with quotas.

Fast forward about six hundred years to modern times, and the game of blackjack has only seen minor adjustments. What has changed, however, is the average skill level of the player and US casinos have spent millions of dollars annually in order to detect cheaters, card counters, and anyone suspected of using a strategy to defeat the dealer. Blackjack is the only casino game in the world where the odds can actually favor the player over the house in certain situations, which was made apparently clear when the MIT Card Counting Team took several Vegas casinos for over $400,000 in a single weekend.

The addition of a simple webcam has literally changed the scope of the game inside online casinos like, because players are no longer left to guess if the computer is playing fairly or not. Instead, after logging into the websites, they are personally greeted by a professional blackjack dealer which is dealing out the hands. It is a standard six shoe like the ones found in leading casinos across the world, and players watch via webcam as each and every card is turned.

Each round starts with players placing their bets, which can be deposited via credit card or several other options. There is the standard bet for the main hand and insurance is available when the dealer shows an ace, plus there are two additional bets to keep the game interesting. The first is called “Pairs,” and it pays 11:1. If your first two cards are a pair (3/3, 9/9, Q/Q), you’re a winner! The second bet is called “Rummy,” and it pays out 9:1 on each hand. This bet involves your two starting cards plus the dealer’s first card; if the three cards make a straight (like 4 of diamonds, 5 of hearts, and 6 of clubs), a flush (like 3 of diamonds, six of diamonds, and queen of diamonds), or three of a kind, you win!

Sportsbook also offers a special feature that really has players excited and it’s called, “Early Payout.” This lets you cash in a hand at any time; before the beautiful young dealer even reveals her hand! However, this is not like the surrender move that you’ll see in other casinos, because if you’re sitting with a strong hand, you can take up to fifty percent profit on your bet before the dealer’s cards are even revealed. The Early Payout is updated each and every time you take a hit, and if used correctly it can grossly shift the player’s odds in their favor!

The best part about playing at a live dealer blackjack table online is that there are no pit bosses standing over your shoulder, no cameras watching your movement, and you are absolutely free to use any card counting method that you see fit. Many players even have a spreadsheet and a calculator in front of them to track instant changes in the hand strengths as the cards are dealt; and from the comfort of your living room there is no one to tell you otherwise. The game itself also moves very quickly when compared to brick and mortar casino tables, which means that skilled players receive an extra advantage on every hand they play. Card counters know that in order to make the largest overall profits, it takes many hands per hour in order to track the strength or the weakness of the deck….and that’s precisely what live blackjack dealers online give you.

Here’s a rundown of the experience while playing a basic hand of blackjack at When you login to the website and click on “live casino,” a popup screen will show all the games that are available with a live dealer. Click on “live blackjack,” and within seconds you’ll be starting at a beautiful European dealer in the process of dealing out a hand. The top half of the screen shows all of the action live as it unfolds while the bottom half shows a digital readout of the cards and the betting options you’d find on traditional gambling websites.

Once you’re ready to place a wager, wait for the young lady’s instructions and bet between one and five hundred chips on each of the applicable bets. Once the indicator light turns red at the bottom left of the screen, the betting period has expired and the hand will be dealt (of course, the dealer also gives verbal instructions as well). As the cards are revealed, each side bet of Pairs or Rummy is paid out automatically as they unfold, and then the dealer turns to the player on the far right to advance the hand. The recommended option is highlighted in blue and the dealer will also advise players on the standard betting strategy for each hand, but it is completely up to you on how to proceed. If you want to double down on nine; do it! If you want to split tens when the dealer shows a weak starting card, split them! The decision is completely yours, and the same advice that blackjack professionals follow is always available if you’re unsure what to do.

Once each hand is completed, the winners are paid instantly over the internet. If you wish to tip the lovely lady then that option is available as well, but that decision is completely left up to you. There is an average of five to ten seconds between hands for each player to re-ante, and then the action starts all over again!

Critics are thrilled with this new implementation of live dealer blackjack because it literally breaks away from all of the boundaries and stereotypes that have been formed over the last few decades. Professional players are no longer singled out and treated like cheaters, and amateur players also stand a great chance of winning with personalized assistance throughout each of the hands. The Early Payout feature also makes it possible for almost every hand to be profitable if played correctly, so overall these live dealer tables are changing the face of blackjack across the globe. Never before has it been so easy to take massive pots and consistently beat the dealer…so what are you waiting for? You can also try your hand at live dealer poker if you prefer to play poker.

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