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Legitimacy is everything in any business. Whether you’re looking for a good car, buying a house or just getting a new phone, you want to know that you’re getting something reputable when you purchase it. Online casinos are no different; you want to play at a site that has a strong reputation for treating their customers right. Look below for our list of the most legit and reputable online casinos in the industry.


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One of the biggest issues in the Internet gambling business is that of legitimacy. While the world has largely come to accept online commerce as being a reliable and safe way of doing business, that reputation has not necessarily carried over to online gambling. Many questions remain in the eyes of the public in regards to the safety, regulation, and legitimacy of online casino sites. These concerns usually revolve around three key areas: payouts, legality, and fairness.


Some players are constantly concerned about whether they’ll ever see their money should they win a large prize at an online gambling site. Since the casinos are usually based on foreign countries, these players are concerned that they’ll have no recourse if the casino refuses to pay.

However, this is not a problem at any legitimate online casino, such as the ones we recommend and dozens of others. If a casino has problems paying out players, word gets around very quickly, and the reputation of that site suffers tremendously – often causing it to go out of business. If you do have a problem getting paid, you can always find out what jurisdiction the casino is regulated in, and contact the gambling authorities to see if they can help you resolve the issue.


One of the most common questions for online gamblers is whether or not playing at these sites is legal for them. To be fair, this is a question that doesn’t have just one answer, since laws vary from country to country. In most cases, however, it is completely legal for players to participate in online gambling, even in countries where operating such a site is not legal. For instance, there are no laws in the USA (in most states) that prevent players from gambling at online casinos or poker rooms, despite some misconceptions to the contrary.


One of the most common complaints that you’ll hear about online gambling is that it simply isn’t fair. Many people think that the games are rigged to allow casinos to make even more money. A lot of this mistrust stems from the nature of the Internet; since you can’t see any physical cards or dice, it feels as though the games aren’t “real.”

We’ll be honest – in the past, there have been a handful of incidents where games haven’t been on the up-and-up. But these casinos started out as small operations that few played at, and as soon as the word got out and these fears were confirmed, the casinos lost all business and were run out of the market. No legitimate casino would ever cheat their players; they make more money by offering games that are on the level, but have a standard house edge that guarantees they make a profit in the long run.

Casinos such as the ones we recommend have, in our eyes, proven themselves to be legitimate and reputable operations. While wondering about the legitimacy of online gambling is a reasonable thing to do, there are plenty of operations that have been in business for many years without any issues, thus earning their sterling reputations.

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