Real Chip Online Gambling

One thing that really bothers us is when you log into one of these popular online casinos and they do not give you real chips to play with. The way we see it, if they can spend millions of dollars on advertising and another few million on simulated graphics that makes you feel like you’re inside an actual casino, the least they can do is have someone design a few gambling chips that we can throw around on the table.

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Okay, so maybe they are not real chips that you could actually hold in your hands, but you see where we’re going with this. After all, at the real bankroll casinos we grew up playing in, it was almost a given that the professional gamblers would all have different chip tricks to show off at the table. They really didn’t mean anything other than being an intimidation factor, but darn it…they made us feel cool. Here are a few other things we miss at real bankroll casinos online-

The Ladies

Okay, I know that Casino Titan has by far the best overall house odds in the industry by far. They beat most Vegas casinos by as much as 10% and the game play is spectacular, but there’s just no replacing those cute waitresses in those short mini-dresses. Then there are those casino groupies (as we used to call them) that hung out in the high-roller section and flirted with us whenever we were on a huge win streak…we definitely miss them too.

Of course, making an extra 10% for a high roller could amount to a few thousand dollars per night, so we’re probably okay with playing real bankroll casinos online then hitting a local club for the viewing pleasures. It’s really not a big deal but gosh, we really do miss it sometimes.

The Shows

There’s nothing like a good Vegas musical or magic act; they’ve really gone overboard in the past decade or so with all the pyrotechnics, crazy light displays, and top level performers. We can clearly remember getting to our hotel about an hour early, having a few drinks at the baccarat table, and then doing it all over again once the performance let out.

Of course, we’d usually end up losing five times the price of admission because we were simply gambling casually, which is one of the worst rules to break when gambling for serious money. That’s not a problem at Casino Titan because it’s easy to keep it all business; there are not all of those other distractions like at other real bankroll casinos.

The After Party

Probably the best thing about gambling in a brick and mortar casino is when that series of hands sneaks up on you out of nowhere. One minute you’re breaking even, and the next there’s $5,000 or more in chips stacked in front of you and the crowd is cheering you on like there’s no tomorrow. After you finish playing it’s off to the casino bar for drinks on the house as you live the true VIP dream; it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Then again, we’d usually return to the same casino the next night and lose $2,000, so after you blew the rest of the money on bar tabs there’s really nothing left. As we said earlier, playing at real bankroll casinos online like Casino Titan takes away all of those distractions and temptations, this is why the average professional gambler that plays strictly online makes an average of $72,000 more per year. Now, we don’t know if this is from winning more or being more conservative with the way those profits are spent, but I guess either scenario sounds pretty darn good.

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