Newest Online Slot Machines

Last year revealed some exciting developments in the world of online slot machines, and so far the slots in 2018 have been ever better yet. You might have heard that earlier in 2018 one lucky winner took home over one point two million dollars from a progressive slot machine over at Casino Titan, and a 81 year old retiree hit a $1.9 million dollar jackpot at WinPalace the very same week. If you want to join this exclusive millionaire’s club then here are a few hot 2011 slot machines for you to check out-

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7Red- Treasure Room

First of all, if you’ve never played at 7Red then you have absolutely no idea how good online slot machines have become in 2018. It’s almost unfair to call them slots, because they’re really more like a cinematic movie/video game based around a slot machine interface. If that wasn’t reason enough to play at 7Red, however, then the 2011 slot machine Treasure Room is the icing on the cake. Get five treasure chest icons on a max bet and you’ll become our next online millionaire.

Casino Titan- Any Slot Machine

A lot of gamblers are turned off by the progressive slots because so much of the overall money goes towards the main prize pool, so Casino Titan decided to do their progressive jackpots a little bit differently. Instead of just one of their 2011 slots paying out millions, they take a very small percentage from each slot machine and lump it together in one main prize pool. That way all of the slots still have fantastic odds and everyone has a chance to win. Since it pulls from all the slot machines, it usually hits the million dollar mark a lot quicker than any other casino as well.

Rome Casino- Diablo 13

This interactive slot machine at Rome Casino may be one of the best titles to come out of the industry in 2018. Not only does it have a massive progressive jackpot tied into the game, but it also has excellent overall odds of just under 3%. That means you have an excellent chance of raking in profits while you build up towards the ultimate spin, and we almost guarantee that you’ll have quite a good time while getting there. All of Rome Casino’s slots are fun and addictive, however, so be prepared to be there for quite awhile on your first visit.

WinPalace- Any Slot Machine

Since WinPalace is another great RTG casino just like Casino Titan, the 2011 progressive jackpot is tied into all of the slot machines at once. The difference between the two destinations is that Casino Titan is a lot busier with international gamblers overall, which is both a good and a bad thing if you’re looking to hit the biggest possible slots jackpot in 2018. The progressive jackpots at WinPalace seem to be won a little less frequently (we’re talking once every three weeks instead of once a week), so they often grow to ridiculously high numbers. Somebody will have to win all of that money playing the best 2011 slots within the next couple of weeks…why shouldn’t it be you?

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