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The other day, one of our staff members was playing at an online casino for fairly low stakes, when all of a sudden he hit one of the best win streaks of his life. He was on the craps table placing pass and odds bets for well over two hours, and each time he started a new round it seemed like it would take twenty or more rolls before a seven came out. Off of ten and twenty dollar bets he was up almost $2,700, and that’s when he asked for a table limit increase. Then the unbelievable happened; not only was he told “no” by the casino’s customer service but they also accused him of cheating…and refused to pay out.

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Now, we test an average of 150 online casinos and poker rooms per month and I can personally assure you that none of our staff members has ever tried to cheat inside an online casino. We’re not even sure how’d you cheat at craps without actually hacking the software or something; it was just another lame excuse to not pay out someone who had a run of good luck. Believe it or not, this happens a lot more often than you’d think- there’s a huge difference between the best online casinos out there and the worst ones.

Casino Betting Limits

The legitimate casinos out there actually encourage their members to ask for table limit increases for obvious reasons. No matter what casino game you choose to play anywhere in the world, it is set up so that the house always has a slight advantage. If you’re betting with a total of $20 then they’ll likely make a buck or two, but if you’re a high roller wagering $500-$1,000 per hand then they stand to make quite a sizable profit if you’re not a solid player.

Now, it doesn’t always work out that way, but when you’re in the casino business that’s the risk you take. Even professional gamblers will sometimes lose a substantial amount in between big wins, so casinos will always give high rollers special treatment for that reason alone. Besides, for every VIP professional that comes along and cleans the house, there are a hundred others who lose every penny they have. Vegas and the other cities were built on uneducated gamblers; they’re just forced to allow people like us to play there too.

Online Casino Betting Limits

When it comes to online casino betting limits, the same rules generally apply at the more reputable destinations in cyberspace. Places like Casino Titan will gladly grant their high roller VIPs an exclusive table to wager on, and if you call them in advance then they will usually give you a sizable deposit bonus as well. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of other online casinos that will actually do this for their players.

As a general rule, always verify each online casino’s betting limit policy before you get too far into your wagers there. Now, you want to gamble on their site a few times and withdraw a few hundred dollars to ensure that everything is handled by the book, but before you move on to the sizable bets a personal introduction with their VIP liaison needs to take place. If they do not have someone at that online casino with a similar title or they seem hesitant to grant your request, then just head over to Casino Titan and save yourself the headaches.

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