High Deposit Limit Poker Sites

Below are the best poker sites of 2018 to make large deposit safely.

Recommended Poker Sites June 2024

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So you’re ready to leave your mark on the online poker scene and dominate some high stakes tables? That’s quite a bold move, especially since you won’t be facing many fish at this level. Then again, even the best of players sometimes crumble when they start thinking about a bet in terms of money instead of simply play chips, so if you have nerves of steel and a good read on the opposition then you could easily rake in your annual salary in just a couple of hours.

Of course, high bankroll poker rooms definitely aren’t for everyone. Just because you dominate the local circuits does not mean that you’re quite ready for some of the highest deposit poker sites just yet, but big deposits do not mean that you’re forced to play only at the highest ante tables. In fact, sometimes a little extra bankroll comes in handy at the lower tables to set that hook on loose players with big chip counts, plus it earns you plenty of bonus money off of your deposits as well.

Below you will find our top four favorite high bankroll poker rooms on the internet. Each of them offer generous bonuses with a low clear rate (especially when betting high stakes), excellent VIP perks for high rollers, plus unparalleled security and customer service.

Sportsbook Poker

Maximum Deposit- $3,000.00 daily
Deposit Bonus- up to $650.00
Extra Incentives- $500 Freeroll Welcome Tournament, VIP Prizes and Cash

Sportsbook Poker has a large VIP audience from all over the globe, so when playing inside this poker room you can expect a variety of players in the high bankroll poker rooms. Another one of the big draws to this particular poker destination is that their loyalty program is one of the best around and it rivals what you’d find in the big name hotel/casinos around the world. Need help booking a seat at an overseas poker tournament? No problem…that what the customer service at Sportsbook Poker is there for; to make you feel like a true VIP around the globe.

Players Only

Maximum Deposit- $3,000.00 daily
Deposit Bonus- up to $650.00
Extra Incentives- $500 Freeroll Welcome Tournament, VIP Gifts and Freerolls

Players Only has some of the largest online tournament action on the face of this planet, including some very large high roller setups that gives the winners hundreds of thousands of dollars. This is one of the few online poker rooms where you could realistically earn over a million dollars per year just by playing in exclusive VIP tournaments, and that’s not even counting all of the side action in the high bankroll poker rooms either. As far as the competition goes, for the most part you’ll be playing against seasoned professionals but there are many fish here as well (mainly college students gambling with daddy’s money).

Ultimate Bet

Maximum Deposit- $3,000.00 daily
Deposit Bonus- up to $1,100.00
Extra Incentives- $1000 Freeroll Welcome Tournament, VIP Tournaments

You’ve probably heard of Ultimate Bet from the various professional poker tours over the years; it’s the game room where most of the top players go to make money in-between tournaments. The reason they pick this high roller poker room over others is simple; everyone wants their chance to defeat players like Annie Duke or Phil Hellmuth. That means on any given day you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of semi-experienced players betting big money when they have absolutely no reason to, which is a good thing for people like me and you.

Absolute Poker

Maximum Deposit- $1,000.00 daily
Deposit Bonus- up to $500.00
Extra Incentives- $1,000.00 Freeroll Tournament, Numerous VIP Bonuses

Absolute Poker is another one of the highest deposit poker sites where you will find a large following of hefty betters. Although players can only deposit $1,000 per day here instead of the $3,000 elsewhere, this poker room was simply too good to leave off of the list because of their excellent VIP program that gives high rollers the choice of many great prizes, free vacations, and bonus cash that they are free to do whatever they want with. Another big perk is the speed at which the deposit bonus can be cleared; most high rollers can clear the entire bonus within a couple of hours.

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