Casino “Deposit Over The Telephone” Service

It is not uncommon to find a consumer that is dead-set against entering their credit card or banking information into a website. Truth be told, online payments are actually more secure than using a credit or debit card at a grocery store or a restaurant, but we can also certainly understand why some people would not want to enter this type of information on an online gambling website. Here are five reasons to call online gaming sites like Casino Titan to make a deposit over the phone-

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1) Online Casino Phone Payments are Faster

Forget all of that security stuff for a moment; online payments are fast and simple. Nobody wants to try and figure out how to fill out an online form that contains something as important as their banking information, so just skip all of that hassle and call the online casino directly. A minute or two later, everything is finished without the headaches.

2) Telephone Lines are Easier to Trace

Okay, let’s pretend for a moment that you are a complete idiot and you choose a gambling website at random…maybe one that you received an email about in the past. If you make a payment over the phone and the website turns out to be fraudulent, the police can find out within minutes where the call connected. You’ll get your money back either way, but at least using the phone will help the authorities catch the criminal.

3) Phone Payments Fall into a Different Classification

For the heck of it, let’s say that some super-genius figures out how to bypass Casino Titan’s multiple firewalls and computer techs. If your money is stolen over the Internet, then the report almost automatically goes into some file where nothing ever happens. Most countries have very specific laws regarding telephone crimes, however, and they are treated as more of an urgent matter.

4) Telephones are not targeted for Crime

While we stand behind our statement that websites like Casino Titan are 100% secure, it is also well known that criminals do everything they can to find backdoors into these types of databases to try and steal stored consumer information. When is the last time you heard of a criminal eavesdropping on phone lines for that same purpose?

5) Peace of Mind is Priceless

If you’re the type that just doesn’t like making payments over the Internet then by all means do not do it. Every legitimate business in cyberspace has a customer service number listed so you can make payments through a live operator, and Casino Titan is no different. Just give them a call and make your gambling deposit that way; it’s that simple.
Of course, your friends will probably make fun of you for being scared of the big, bad Internet monster, which is yet another reason to make your online casino deposits over the phone- it is 100% anonymous and not even your history folder will give you away.

Ed From MyPokerBasics staff steps in and gives his opinion

While there are plenty of ways to make deposits into online casinos via their websites, sometimes you might feel more comfortable dealing with a real person. That’s why many casinos now offer a number of deposit options that can be utilized over the phone! If you have worries about depositing over the Internet, using a phone service may put your mind at ease.

As we’ve said in many of our articles, online deposit methods are a perfectly secure way of funding your online gambling accounts. That’s even truer today than ever before, when advanced encryption methods and numerous other safeguards are regularly put in place to ensure that nobody will ever gain access to your bank account information or a credit card number.

That said, some players still have concerns about hackers, fraud, or other issues related to sharing their personal data on the Internet. With that in mind, many online casinos will allow you to make deposits by phone, thus allowing you to avoid any of the concerns you might have. That peace of mind can be worth a lot; if you’re not comfortable making purchases over the Internet, there’s nothing wrong with contacting the casino by phone instead.

In fact, there are some practical advantages to making a phone deposit, too. For one, when you deposit over the phone, it can often actually be a quicker and easier process than trying to deposit through the casino software or website. This is especially true if you’re not familiar with making deposits yourself, or if the casino you’re playing at has somewhat complex methods for verifying your information. If you’re finding that the online deposit methods are at all confusing, or if you have any questions at all, you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of any phone options your gambling site provides. Having a knowledgeable person guide you through the process can help you avoid any potential problems.

And if there do prove to be some issues with your deposit, being on the phone with customer service will often allow you to work through those issues on the spot. Since the casino representative will know right away what the issue is, they can recommend alternatives or ask you for additional information. Rather than trying to solve problems yourself, you’ll have an experienced professional available to guide you through the entire process.

It may not be the most common way of depositing, but making deposits by phone is a perfectly legitimate option for funding your online gambling accounts. If this option is available to you, it will likely be displayed prominently on the cashier page for your casino; even if it’s not, you can always try calling the casino’s support team to see if they can help you deposit over the phone. While we absolutely stand behind all of our casinos as having secure payments systems in place online, paying by phone is a great way to put any remaining fears to rest.

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