Live Dealer Casino 2018 has launched a series of live dealer online casino games for gamblers to compete in across the world; and the best news is that the action takes place right in the center of your living room twenty-four hours a day! It has implemented great live dealer casino games like blackjack, Texas Hold’em, roulette, baccarat, craps, and dozens of other popular classics. By implementing the latest in internet technologies, you will actually be staring your live dealer right in the face as she takes wagers, deals the cards, and orchestrates each round jut like you’d experience inside a real brick and mortar casino.


Best Live Dealer Casinos in 2018



live dealer casinos are a great way to ensure games are fair

Game Changing Technology : Live Gambling

That barely scratches the surface of the benefits of this industry-changing move towards implementing live dealers over the internet, which is why professional gamblers are rushing in droves to get in on the early action. A live dealer online casino truly offers the best of both worlds for gamblers because all of their favorite aspects are there without any of the negatives.

Unprecedented Customer Response

“I hate the long drive to my local casino because they built it in the middle of nowhere,” Lu Chen, a Louisiana native said. “When I lose it stinks because it’s a really depressing drive home, and when I win it sorta stinks too because there’s nowhere around to spend my profits at.”

Charles Smothers of Iowa has a different outlook. “I swear…online casinos seem rigged. I lost $400 last night without winning a single hand; so I think they set the darn computer to cheat and take all of our money.”

Here’s what the same two players had to say after their first visit to and trying out the live dealer option-

“That was awesome,”Chen said. “In the first six minutes I won all but one hand and walked away up $170. I can’t even find an open table at my local casino in six minutes!”

“That dealer Olga was smokin’ hot,” Smothers said after playing live dealer roulette at for the first time. “I’m so glad I can finally gamble in real casinos without all those computer dealers!”

From Brick & Mortar Casinos To Live Dealer Technology

The history of gambling within the United States can literally be traced back to the very day that settlers stumbled upon North America, because after a hard afternoon’s work there was little in the form of entertainment except for socializing within the community. Local casinos, which were little more than a tavern with areas designated for card playing, offered an excellent means for homesick workers to build a reputation within an exciting new world. Sometimes these games would extend well into the we hours of the morning with free-flowing liquor bottles and plenty of celebration, and it wasn’t before long that some of the local authorities began to question the morality behind gambling.

Almost five hundred years later, the same questions still linger within our society. The invention of the online casino has provided millions of players with almost unrestricted access to variations of their favorite card and board games, yet government regulations have made it difficult for players to deposit money from their bank accounts or collect the winnings from established online casinos. Even Forbes Magazine has made the statement that excessive government regulation is an almost an unquestionably bad move when it comes to gambling and the taxes it generates, which is why a vote is now being sought within the Senate to lift most of the hindering by-laws that were applied under the Safe Port Act of 2006. For now, is one of the few online casinos that can process Visa deposits and other methods of payment for US citizens, and they are the only one that has implemented live dealers for their online clientele.

A New, Safe, and Guaranteed Fair Gambling Environment

This move by shows true promise for American gamblers that are seeking places to place wagers inside a safe, fair environment. While there are thousands of online casinos for the average player to choose from, it is difficult to trust the honesty and integrity of any website that only has computerized gaming. The reasoning behind this is simple; each program is designed to maintain a house edge. When a computer generated dealer appears to get on a hot streak, it is not uncommon for players to wonder if the sudden burst of luck for the casino was within the randomly generated cards or if there was something additional happening within the background; such as a programmer boosting the house’s winning percentage well above what international gaming laws would consider fair. Even though online casinos are supposed to be regulated; there are simply too many of them and not enough regulators to ensure that each one coheres to professional and ethical standards.

“This isn’t rocket science,” said Dr. Steven Knight, a leading researcher of the online gaming industry. “These casinos pay millions of dollars for programming and software updates, and you’d better believe that the payout percentage can be changed with a few clicks of the keyboard.”

Knight went on to explain that, “Each game has a natural house edge of 2-30%, which means for every $100 you wager the casino will profit two to thirty dollars. While skill can eliminate most of that benefit and allow smart bettors to profit in many games, there is no way to account for how the software developers behind these programs affect the overall payouts. Heck, some casinos pay bonuses to senior managers when excess profits roll in; should we really trust them to have our best interests at heart?”

Live Dealer casinos typically have very attractive females as dealers

Two Casinos At the Forefront Of Technology

That’s where live dealer casinos like break the mold, because there is absolutely no question about the fairness of each hand. Once logging in to one of these clients and a game is selected, the player staring face to face with an actual female dealer. Various webcams are positioned around the room to allow players to watch the action throughout the entirety of the hand, from the flip of the first card to the winning slot on a roulette wheel. There is absolutely no computer intervention or wondering about fairness because you’re literally transported inside an actual casino which is regulated by a local gaming authority; the only catch is that you’re still sitting within the comfort of your home.

When asked about live dealer gaming online, Knight said, “It makes total sense for the casinos to do this, because they’re proving to players that their website is legitimate. Any establishment that takes on extra legislation for the sake of the players is definitely going to adhere to the law, and amazingly these are also the same casinos that routinely have the most consistent payouts. Now that live dealer gaming is available, players would be foolish to bet anywhere else.”

Here are a few of the latest live dealer games that are either available now on or in beta stages-

Sportsbook Live Dealer Casino Games

Blackjack Combine all of the excitement with playing inside a real casino with technology that helps you make the most intelligent move every time, and you’ve got Sportsbook Live Dealer Blackjack. With features from the additional new bets of Pairs and Rummy to the Instant Payout feature that allows players to take profits before the dealers cards are even visible, this is the best place on the internet to play blackjack.

Texas Hold’em Poker : Live Dealer Poker is now offered by PokerView is gaining a massive amount of popularity while Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars and Lock Poker are on hiatus from the USA market. While this is still in the late design phases, Sportsbook plans on offering both heads up tables against the dealer and full table action where players can play poker against each other. Each card will be dealt by a Live Poker Dealer to ensure that fairness remains throughout the hand, and gamblers are already lining up for the day these tables are available.

Roulette The world’s most popular table game can now be played via the internet, with a new spin coming out every sixty seconds or less. Due to the ease at which bets can be placed and paid out, players get many more spins than the average casino can deliver Live Dealer Roulette at Sportsbook also uses only one green zero tile; giving a distinct player advantage over most online casinos.

Baccarat High stakes baccarat is planned to be launched in the upcoming months at Sportsbook for European players. In this exciting live dealer version, the player can bet on either hand before the start of the round and watch as the action unfolds right in front on him via webcams.

Sic Bo Sic Bo, the popular Chinese dice game, is also currently available via live dealers with odds up to one hundred fifty to one on certain dice combinations. With fast action and beautiful dealers, this is one game you’ll definitely appreciate as it streams live to your computer.

Craps Of course, what would a live dealer casino be without the fast paced action of craps for the high rollers? Both of the aforementioned casinos are currently implementing their live action craps tables for internet viewers to bet on as the action unfolds. Although an actual release date has not been verified, check this website often for updates.

With all this background information on this amazing new technology, you should be well equipped to select your first live dealer online casino.

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