Is Lock Poker Safe & Legal ?

It really is a sad time for the poker world right now; four of the biggest online poker rooms have been shut down in one quick swipe by the US government and nobody really knows what the heck is going on. The mainstream media seems to be making matters even worse with their sloppy reporting and unchecked facts, but as always, we’re here to fix all of that. Today we will be talking about Lock Poker and the legalities involved with online poker. Please note – Lock Poker accepts USA players.

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If you remember any one fact from this article then it’s time to put on your thinking caps, because here it comes- Online gaming is 100% legal for the end-user. The government could care less if you bet $300 on a blackjack table or $5,000 on the Miami Heat winning the 2011 NBA Eastern Conference Finals (which is a good bet, by the way), as long as your state does not have any laws against online gambling. When it comes to online poker sites, they are completely legal as well….as long as they comply with US laws and regulations. So you’re probably wondering- Is Lock Poker legal?

Lock Poker for USA Players – Legit or Illegal?

Lock Poker is currently one of the hottest poker rooms in cyberspace because of the recent poker shutdowns. We’re guessing that you’ve probably never even heard of them before and that’s not a really big surprise; the websites that have complied with US gaming laws generally do not spend millions of dollars in advertising inside North America. The rest of the world has been flocking to this website like gangbusters over the past few years though because the quality of play really is that good.

The good news is that you’re definitely invited to try out Lock Poker for yourself. Their servers will automatically block any kind of bank transfer from US players (which is what got Full Tilt and the others into so much trouble) so you’ll have to use a credit card or one of their other deposit options to get in the game. Once that is out of the way, here is what you can look forward to-

Friendly, Competent Players

Maybe it is just us, but playing for real money at PokerStars kind of seemed like babysitting in a way. There were always hundreds of players who did nothing but complain and run their mouths about every little thing; win or lose they made your playing experience miserable.

At Lock Poker, you’ll primarily be squaring off against US and European players that see the game quite differently. They’re not playing there trying to get rich or to hustle players out of their hard-earned money; people choose Lock Poker when they want to face off against quality competition in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Quality Graphics

Honestly, weren’t you getting a little tired of seeing lawn gnomes and lizards as player icons? All of those so-called “party sites” are made to appear cute to put players at ease and make them forget that they’re really risking real money on each flop. Now, don’t get us wrong…it was a really good marketing ploy that tricked millions of players into thinking that they were playing against other amateurs. That’s why we’ve never recommended those types of poker sites to you.

At Lock Poker, you’ll see what a real poker room should look like. The graphics are sharp and crisp with plenty of customizable player options to ensure that you make the most out of any hand.

Great Bonus Options

One of our main problems with some of the poker sites out there is the way that they trick players into thinking that they’re being appreciated. Sure, the signup bonus may be some ridiculously huge number that looks really good on paper; but once you read the terms and conditions, you’ll see that the website is really not giving you anything. In fact, less than 3% of the player base at PokerStars ever saw a penny of their deposit bonus because it was simply too hard to cash in on.

Lock Poker does not try to deceive players about deposit bonuses or promotions. Everything on their website is printed in plain English so players know up front how long it will take to receive their free money. On top of that, there are also several different weekly promotions that allow players to win WSOP seats plus tons of other valuable prizes. Of course, there’s plenty of free cash as well.

Lock Poker US Players Legal ?

Once again, we think that Lock Poker is legal when it comes to US laws and ordinances. From our understanding, the Lock Poker legal team has carefully studied the mistakes made by UB and the other online poker rooms to ensure that the same problem never occurs on their website, which in all honesty was not that difficult to do. When it comes to US residents; direct deposit or bank transfers are a no-no. Since Lock Poker does not accept these payment methods from Americans, there should not be any problems when it comes to compliance.

Disclaimer: The views above are from the editors only, and for informational use only. As poker players, we have tried dozens of sites, and have seen many come and go. It is our view that Lock Poker isn’t trying to violate the UIGEA like PokerStars, because of the tight restrictions applied on deposit options. Please know we don’t have visibility into Lock Poker, or a working relationship with them, so we are unfamiliar with the inner workings of the site. We recommend to perform your own research before joining this site, especially if you are from the USA. Find out about your local and national laws before depositing at any online poker sites.

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