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Many people in Ireland have yet to warm up to the idea of online casinos because of the confusing laws that are found throughout the region. Traditional casinos are illegal under the constitution, yet a loophole allows for the formation of private types of gambling establishments as long as the city approves it. Online casinos, on the other hand, are completely legal for all residents and there are even Irish credit card poker sites based out of Dublin and other major cities.

Since this turn of events only happened recently, many Ireland credit card poker fanatics would rather take their business to local establishments instead of trusting the internet. It’s no secret that the crime rate at online websites has skyrocketed in recent years, but what most people do not realize is that most modern poker sites are the most secure places anywhere on the net. You can also expect fair play and a host of other benefits that you wouldn’t find in your local gambling establishments, which is why so many Irish players are making the conversion to online play. Here are the top four reasons you should be playing at Irish credit card poker sites instead of locally-

1) Fairness

Let’s say that you head down the street to a private club and sit in on a cash game. After a few hands you notice that a particular player seems to be winning more than his fair share of the pots, and after an hour or so you are almost positive that he has to be cheating somehow. If you report this to the casino manager then there’s a good chance that an argument will break out; accusing someone of cheating is a serious matter. In fact, one in seven stabbing fatalities in Ireland can be attributed to altercations just like these…you’re literally risking your life just to gamble.

In an online poker site like Sportsbook Poker, there are multiple security personnel watching the poker action around the clock. Their software protection alone ensures that nobody will be cheating, and if a hand is ever questioned then their professionals review what happened immediately in a discreet manner. Irish credit card poker sites are about the fairest game you’ll find anywhere and they are certified by a licensed gaming authority.

2) Customer Service

Think about your local casino for a moment and all of the times you’ve had problems while playing there. It may be a rude person seated at your table, a bar maid that didn’t give you the correct change, a question about the rules, and all of the other issues that have bothered you over the years. Chances are if you complained there was very little done to appease you simply because your local poker house is not required to follow any set of rules; they govern themselves.

Now let’s look at a popular Ireland credit card poker website- Players Only. None of the above problems can happen inside their poker room because all money is handled electronically…which is by far the safest way to handle funds online. All of the other issues we named can even happen in a virtual poker room, but if they did then it’s good to know that Players Only has trained staff members there 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

3) Pot Rakes

Most of the Irish poker houses take anywhere from 5-15% of the pot on every single hand that is dealt, meaning that even if you are consistently winning, the casino will eventually have all of your money. Aggressive poker players can sometimes overcome the crippling house rake but balanced or conservative players simply have no chance at winning anything, and the card sharks know this. A rake that big leads to people bullying the table and ruining the action for everyone.

Ultimate Bet is an Irish credit card poker site that offers a much smaller overall rake that caps on every pot at 2% of the total betting pool. Not only does this mean that you’ll get to play more hands for the same amount of money, but those winning pots will be much larger as well. Do not let your local casino rip you off anymore; it’s senseless.

4) Tournaments

Tournament play is a popular format in all casinos because players can invest a small amount of money and really win big if they happen to come in first place. The problem with local tournaments, however, is that it seems like the same people are the ones who keep taking all of the money. Many gamblers in Ireland actually make a living by attending various poker tournaments throughout their area and hustling unsuspecting players; there’s no money to be made here.

At online poker rooms like Absolute Poker, there is an average of 10,000 or more players every single day. The tournaments start every few minutes and it’s rare to sit at the final table against the same player twice, which means that you have a much better chance of winning. While there are professionals at Absolute Poker, they’re playing in the big money tournaments against other serious players, which means that you’ll probably be facing off against other players of a skill level close to yours.

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