How To Deposit Poker Funds – How To Transfer Money To Poker Sites

Even though internet gaming is still considered relatively new to most online players, the industry has literally transformed several times over during the past fifteen or so years. Back in the early days there was no such thing as cyber crime or anti-gaming laws, and in a way the internet as a whole was a much happier place. People just hopped online and placed a few bets here or there, collected their winnings, and moved on to another game to see what else was being offered. In fact, some online poker rooms didn’t even offer Texas Hold’em back then; that’s just how quickly our world has evolved.

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Unfortunately there’s no going back in time, and it’s a heck of a lot harder for honest players to gamble online on today’s internet. Even if you overlook all of the hackers, cheaters, fraudulent websites, and corrupt poker room owners, it’s still very difficult to find an honest game for real money. Part of that is because of various banking limitations that the governments have put in place, but a lot can be blamed on the media for not properly informing players as well. Here are some of the easier modern methods for players to deposit poker funds.

Credit/Debit Cards

Pros- Quick Approval Times
Secure Transmission
Fraud Protection
Accepted Worldwide

Cons- Low Approval Rates
Government Mandated Blocks
Limited Maximum Deposit

Even though credit cards used to be the preferred method of deposit for most online poker players, they are simply too troublesome to be considered a reliable form of payment to casinos. The problem is not with the banks themselves, but instead the way that cards are processed.

For example, if you live in Poland where there are no gambling restrictions on credit cards at all, there should not be a problem making a deposit with Visa, MasterCard, or any other credit card that is accepted by casinos. The local bank that issued the credit card could be owned by a larger corporation that’s located in Canada or the United States, where there are credit card blocks for residents of those areas. Sometimes that credit card will get approved, other times it will not….but it frustrates everyone.

Bank Transfer

Pros– Fast Transfer
Secure Transmission
Very High Transfer Amount
Easy Process

Cons– Banned in Many Areas
Some Banks Issue 2-3 Day Hold
Some Banks Charge Fees

Bank transfers are an excellent option for residents that do not have government limitations on online poker rooms, which applies to about 40% of the worldwide population. For the remaining 60%, funds can usually be credited to an online poker account in minutes. If the bank in question charges any fees or takes more than a few minutes to complete a bank transfer, use the next option instead.


Pros– Instant Transfer
All Regions Can Use
Safe Method
Very High Transfer Amount

Cons– Requires Initial Setup
User Has to Give Personal Info

An eCheck is a form of deposit that is sent electronically over the internet. It is exactly the same process as a bank transfer except reversed; the casino requests the money from the bank after you give them your checking information. This type of transfer generally takes 2-3 days before it completes but the casino gets a confirmation immediately. The more reputable poker rooms release the payment at this point, so it is considered an instant deposit option.

eWallet Solutions

Pros– Instant Transfer
All Regions Can Use
Safe Method
Extra Layer of Protection

Cons- Requires Initial Setup
User Has to Give Personal Info
Requires Two Transfers
Some Charge Fees

A eWallet website bypasses the regional laws that restrict poker players because they are not transferring money directly to a casino. Instead, a user transfers money through their checking account or a credit card to the eWallet, then once again from the eWallet to the casino. Even though this method requires players to set up an additional online account and to make two transfers instead of one, the money moves back and forth instantly.

Wire Transfer

All Regions Can Use
100% Secure
Anonymous Deposit

Cons- Some Require Leaving Home
1-6 Hour Transfer
2-5% Fee

A wire transfer is still a solid option for many areas where banking restrictions block credit cards and bank transfers. The main hassle is that in many cases this deposit option is not available online, so the player has to drive to a local business in order to complete the request. For those with a bank account or a valid credit card, there are definitely easier options.

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