How To Bypass Credit Card Online Poker Ban

Not too long ago, the only way to make a deposit in an online casino or poker room was with a credit card. A number of countries have taken a hard stance on online gambling and forced the financial institutions to block these kinds of transactions, making it very difficult for players to enjoy an occasional roll of the dice in cyberspace. There are a number of methods that players can use to bypass the credit card poker ban in their local areas and this article will highlight these tactics.

Best Depositing Solutions:

1) Focus on the sites with highest CC acceptance rates, listed in our table below
2) If your deposit is rejected, utilize a popular e wallet at any of these sites, and use your CC to fund that wallet.
3) Alternatively utilize “instant eChecks” at Absolute Poker & Ultimate Bet (instant bank wire) or Rome Casino
4) Alternatively utilize Western Union, Bank Transfer at all of these sites
5) Alternatively utilize Amex at Rome Casino, the only casino to offer this deposit option

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Why did my government force my bank to block credit cards at casinos?

There are a number of reasons that certain areas forbid credit card transactions. Some officials feel like gambling is addictive and credit cards should not be readily available for deposits. Other countries feel like gambling should be against the law but the residents would not vote for such a measure. In most cases, however, it comes down to taxation…since the governments haven’t figured out how to tax online income from gambling, they would rather restrict it.

Is it illegal for me to gamble online with a credit card?

Credit cards are issued by financial institutions, and they have no authority to tell you how to spend your money. Although your government may tell banks not to conduct credit card transactions with a casino, it does not mean that you do not have the right to gamble or to spend your money how you see fit. Unless online gambling is outright illegal in your area, then you are allowed to make deposits any however you want online.

Why do some credit cards work at online casinos while others don’t?

The simple answer is that your government can create laws for anyone inside your country, including businesses, but they can not control banks that are in other regions. If your credit card provider’s home office is outside of your local region then it may process immediately at online casinos and poker rooms.

What if my credit card is denied at an online casino?

If your credit card is denied, you’ll have to choose another method of deposit like an online eWalllet solution or some other type of transfer service that accepts credit cards. Most casinos deal with several companies of this type.

What exactly is a eWallet business?

Think of it as a money moving business, and one reason they are so popular is because they can bypass regional laws that would prohibit you from using your credit card online. If your credit card may is blocked at your favorite online poker room, then you can transfer money to a eWallet and then to the casino.

What are some other ways to get around a regional credit card ban at casinos?

There are plenty of options. Some customers will open an online banking account that is based in a foreign country, while others will use payment processing centers that work like a eWallet. In many cases, casinos can also find ways around the credit card bans by calling the financial institution directly.

Do certain credit cards have higher approval rates for online gambling?

In most cases Visa and MasterCard have about equal approval rates, with cards like Discover, American Express, and Diners Club being accepted much less often. The Maestro Card in Europe has excellent approval rates in most online casinos.

Surprisingly, some online casinos can process MasterCard without problem while others can often accept Visa at a high rate. It all depends on the processing servers for the card issuers and how the online gaming establishment is registered.

What are some of the online poker rooms/casinos that assist players with credit cards?

Almost every online casino out there will gladly run your credit card to try and get an instant approval, but most of them will also tell you to find another option if the card is denied. There are a few that will place courtesy calls on your behalf to try and receive a manual approval though, they are-

Rome Casino

Nobody is quite sure how they do it, but Rome Casino is one of the few online gaming rooms that can achieve close to 100% approvals on both Visa and MasterCard. They are one of the newer online casinos though so it may be because of their state of the art software the powers the site, but their friendly staff will always pick up the phone and fight for your approval when necessary. Since Rome Casino has excellent overall odds and some of the best bonuses on the net, this is a great place for any gambler to start.

Sportsbook Poker

Sportsbook Poker also has excellent approval rates on Visa cards, but they often have to get a MasterCard customer service agent to help on MasterCard. If poker is your game then this is the place to be though, because the non-stop tournament action brings in players from all over the world.


WinPalace is another excellent online casino that offers a wide variety of games and a very high credit card approval rate. In fact, more players choose WinPalace than anywhere else because their customer service is among the best in the industry, plus their loyalty program is very good as well.

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