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Of course, those days of great service and a solid work ethic are pretty much long gone. That doesn’t speak too well for the world of online poker where players are forced to rely on the casino to honor their terms and to root out any potential problems, and unfortunately about 90% of the websites out there could care less if you had a pleasant gaming experience or not. In fact, many of them do not even list any type of contact information whatsoever, which means if you encounter a problem then you’re completely on your own to fix it.

There are still a few poker rooms out there that value their customers and it is not a coincidence that they are also the most popular names on the internet. Here are the top five online poker rooms in terms of customer service, approval rates, and an overall great poker play.

Sportsbook Poker

Sportsbook was one of the first online casinos back in the early 1990’s to really embrace their players while giving them a quality experience like they would expect from a traditional gaming establishment. Their entire experience was based on making the customer feel comfortable throughout their stay at Sportsbook; from the initial deposit screen to the casino action and everything in between.

When they launched Sportsbook Poker several years ago, it almost instantly became one of the most popular poker rooms on the net due to their high approval rates, fantastic variety of table and tournament games, and unbeatable customer service. It was one of the few places online where the big spender VIP and the guy with $5 in his bank account could both come and feel right at home playing at stakes they were comfortable with.

Players Only

Players Only Poker certainly is nowhere near as old as Sportsbook, but they have certainly learned from their successes. As the name implies, this website was designed with the actual player in mind and how to keep poker interesting for people of all skill levels. After years of careful planning, Players Only launched with more progressive jackpots than all of the other poker rooms combined, a great customer loyalty program, and hundreds of new and exciting tournament formats that had never before been seen anywhere.

As far as the approval rates go, Players Only has a deposit option for just about everyone. From credit cards to eChecks and online transfer services, they have literally thought of every conceivable method for players to make deposits without any issues. Another perk at Players Only is that their customer service will actually take the time to explain the various deposit options by phone, email, or internet chat…something few websites bother to do anymore.

Ultimate Bet (UB)

It seems like every online casino has its own style and feel, and at Ultimate Bet that feeling is opportunity. Where else could go you go and sit down at a table with two or three WSOP world champions in order to see just how good you really are? UB is one of the busiest poker rooms because of their star power alone; everyone wants to take on the pros and create a memory that will last a lifetime. Of course, that also brings tens of thousands of unskilled amateur players to take advantage of…which is definitely a good thing for you.

As far as the deposit options and the overall experience goes, UB has gone out of their way to make the average player feel welcome. Their deposit bonuses are among the best that you’ll find anywhere, and since there are so many players they also have some of the highest payouts for cash tournaments. All of this would not be possible though if not for their excellent customer service and numerous deposit options.

Absolute Poker

Absolute Poker is a new online poker room with updated graphics and a warm feel to it. They get a healthy mix of experienced and amateur players that enjoy competing in fast play tourneys and stakes tables, so you’ll see a lot of college students and younger players throughout the lobby. One of the biggest draws to Absolute Poker is their easy deposit bonuses and one of the best comp programs around…they send dozens of their highest ranked players every month to play in WSOP or WPT tournaments around the world.

Absolute Poker also has very good credit card approval rates plus a number of other deposit options to ensure that nobody gets turned away. In fact, they even seem to have a healthy population of players from areas that are notoriously known for having tough legislation on online poker, meaning that their customer service agents must be doing something right behind the scenes.


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