Credit Card / Prepaid Debit Card Texas Holdem

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A lot of people think that all casinos and credit card Texas Hold’em tables are pretty much the same, but there really are not too many things further from the truth. In fact, we can name several places where there are some great tables and some horrible ones all on the same website. The key is to know the various poker rooms plus where to find the most profitable types of games for your type of play-style.

Of course, if you’re not completely sure on what your play-style is, then take a few minutes and cruise through the archive at MyPokerBasics to read up on some basic poker strategy that will teach you how to size up your opponents, bluff like a pro, and moves that will consistently keep the table guessing. The whole point of this article (or any of the tutorials that you’ll find on our website) is to teach you how to rake in those massive pots at any poker table; especially when it comes to playing MasterCard/Visa Texas Hold’em online. Here are a few things to remember when searching for a table-

1) Bigger is Always Better

Sportsbook Poker, Ultimate Bet, and Players Only Poker; what do they all have in common? If you guessed that they’re three of the busiest credit card Texas Hold’em websites around then you win the golden cookie (which we no longer have is stock, but our intern Kevin is clapping for you nonetheless). In order to give yourself the best possible chance to make consistent money inside an online poker room, there has to be thousands of players there to compete against.

The reasoning is simple; you do not want to face off against the same opponents in every single game. Think about it for a moment; when you play poker with your friends, there are always a couple of players around the tables to watch out for. One of them may be a notorious bluffer while the other guy loves to trap players with check/raises; you know them well and adjust your entire game towards beating them. The problem is that they’re probably better than you are and they adjust their play-style as well; which is why there’s always only two or three guys that end up consistently winning big money.

The greatest thing about online gambling is that you can remain completely anonymous; there’s no reason to allow other players to label you and predict your strategies. This only benefits you if there are hundreds of available tables though, which most of the poker sites out there simply can not provide.

2) There’s No Such Thing as Payback in Hold’em

Last week I played in a $50 buy in multi-table credit card Texas Hold’em tournament on UB against 631 other players. First place paid just over $10,000 and I was well in front of everyone about midway through. When we were down to about 140ish players, some tables combined and I ended up playing right in front of the 2nd place better…and he really laid into me several times in a row. I’d have A/Q; he’d have A/K. I’d have trip 3’s; he’d have trip 9’s. Every time he’d just barely edge me out and after awhile I began to take it personally.

I remember the 5th or 6th hand I called against him started with pocket aces; I bet a sizeable amount pre-flop and to my surprise he raised big. He’d already taken almost a thousand chips off of me and this was my chance to take it back…I simply called and smiled when the flop came A,5,5. I checked, he again bet big, and I moved all-in…I had aces full of fives; he had fives full of aces. He was out of the tournament completely and I had a four to one chip lead on the next highest stack…until that fourth darn 5 fell on the river. Ouch is an understatement…he had river’d me once again.

My first reaction to falling back into fourth place was to play more aggressively and win that lost money back quickly, which is a fatal mistake that the best of us make. Instead, I went into survival mode, waited for another table merger, and acted like it never happened at all. There’s no such thing as payback in Texas Hold’em; if you take a hard loss then switch tables or suck it out by playing conservative. If I had tried to make my mark right then, I probably would have finished outside of the money in 140th place instead of taking the $6,700 3rd place prize.

3) Learn to Stereotype Opponents

Our final piece of advice when it comes to playing MasterCard/Visa Texas Hold’em online is to act like a police detective (without the nightstick or firearm, of course). When you find a promising table at Sportsbook Poker or any other gaming establishment, pretend that the first tens hands do not count. You should fold each and every one of them early unless it’s simply an awesome starting hand, and even then you should play it as conservatively as possible.

The reason for this strange tactical move is simple; your first task at any table is to size up the opposition and recognize their play styles. Make a mental note about those guys who fold most of their hands, see what that better to your left keeps raising with, and try to quickly gauge the overall skill level of the players with the most chips in front of them. Since your ultimate goal is to take those chip stacks as quickly as possible, your very first move at any table is to determine how that is going to happen. After all, it’s not about the cards….it never was and it never will be.

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