Quality Debit Card Gambing

You see advertisements in emails and on website banners every single day saying something like, “The Easiest Online Debit Card Casino Around!” Let me ask you something though; of all those random ads you’ve come across over the years, how many times have you won money and walked away satisfied from any of those gambling sites? Statistically speaking, the odds of that happening are somewhere around 4% simply because reputable debit card casinos will almost never spam your inbox for business. In fact, if you’re playing at a quality online casino, it’s almost always because you found them and not the other way around.

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The Trouble with Finding Legitimate Online Casinos

So why don’t popular online casinos fill the net with spam? The answer is simple; they already have plenty of business from loyal debit card customers. Besides, since the Internet is already flooded with false advertisements from absolutely horrible gaming corporations, it makes little sense to put out banners that look just about the same as all of those scam sites. Sure, they could say something like, “We really do have the best house odds and customer service around,” but name a single gaming establishment that doesn’t already say that.

Instead, places like Casino Titan and WinPalace simply allow their reputation within the industry to speak for itself to bring in new players. Since they are in the small minority of online casinos that actually have close to 100% approval rates on Maestro and Visa debit cards, players have absolutely no problems making deposits or withdrawing their winnings whenever they want. That places them ahead of about 95% of the gaming industry right there alone and we haven’t even talked about the good stuff yet.

Benefits of Quality Debit Card Gaming

Besides fast money transactions, quality debit card casinos like the ones listed above also set a number of other industry standards as well. For starters, let’s talk about the actual games like video poker or slots; two of the most popular casino titles on the net. The average house odds for either game at a gambling establishment is somewhere in the range of 25-40%; these are clearly where the vast majority of their profit comes from on a daily basis.

Throw in the fact that since most of these titles have jackpots that absorb somewhere in the neighborhood of 80% of all the total wagers, and you’ll understand how you can lose thirty spins in a row and still have a 75% overall payout rate at lousy online casinos. Casino Titan completely shatters this pattern, however, with average odds of just over 5% on slot machines and video poker. Since most of their titles are not linked to a jackpot, these are actually true odds as well. In legitimate online casinos, this same type of comparison can be made for just about any game within the establishment.

True VIP Service

Of course, playing at any casino is not solely about the money; players expect to be treated fairly while receive plenty of comps for their troubles as well. The online gaming establishments recommended at MyPokerBasics all exceed the average gambler’s criteria for customer service by giving great deposit bonuses on every deposit. There are also exclusive VIP loyalty rewards programs waiting for players as well, and a personal customer service agent always on standby to answer each and every one of your questions when it comes to online gambling at their establishments. Comparing places like Casino Titan to the average online gambling site is about as silly as comparing a 16 ounce porterhouse steak to a fast food hamburger; there truly is no contest.

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