Casinos That Accept Debit Card Deposits


Debit cards are quickly becoming the favorite payment method of consumers all over the world due to the simplicity and convenience involved with the transaction. There are no bills to pay at the end of the month or complicated statements to decipher with debit cards; consumers just swipe their cards and forget about them. It is also a great money-saving technique over using currency because there is no loose change left over after a purchase; 100% of the funds remain in your banking account until consumers are ready to spend it.


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What really changed the financial industry in terms of debit card purchases was affiliating themselves with Visa and MasterCard. Almost overnight their acceptance rates went from horrible to fantastic since consumers could not complete transactions in the same manner that they would a major credit card. This allowed even smallest of neighborhood banks to give their clients worldwide spending power, which is why debit card purchases are the number one payment method across the entire continent of Europe and throughout regions of Asia and North America.

Debit cards are also the most popular way to make deposits inside online casinos as well. At a glance the statistics would appear to show otherwise, but many players forget that a debit card also doubles as a credit card. This means that when searching for deposit options, players are free to browse both the credit and debit sections to see if their sponsored logo is present. In fact, in many cases it makes sense to use a debit card as a credit card to complete online transactions; here’s why-

Debit Cards -vs- Credit Cards

The differences are minor in terms of completing a traditional purchase; instead of punching in a pin number, customers are asked for their signature instead. What many fail to realize, however, is that when a pin number is used the transaction is sent directly to the financial institution. This means that a temporary hold is placed against the funds in the bank immediately; even if the purchase ends up not being completed. If the debit card is swiped as a credit card, then the information is processed through Visa, MasterCard, or whoever sponsors that financial institution. The rest of the process is the same as far as financial holds and the payment clearing, but by going the credit card route consumers have added an extra layer of protection.

That protection becomes much more important online for several reasons. If a consumer is purchasing an item that will be sent through the mail, debit cards offer 100% fraud protection as long as any incidents are reported within 48 hours. Since the odds are against your purchase arriving before that period expires, consumers are left on their own to fight it out with merchants if there was a problem with their order. The credit card companies offer the exact same protection without any time constraints on being contacted; so for this reason alone it makes sense to use debit cards as credit cards instead.

This problem gets even larger when fraud is involved, because any purchases made by the criminal are deducted from the victim’s bank account immediately. The financial institutions will refund 100% of the money once the fraud is confirmed, but meanwhile it can take weeks or ever months for all of the updates to appear. If consumers have mailed out checks to cover bills and other expenses the problem grows even larger still, because then the financial institution is going to implement a bunch of overdraft and bounced check fees. These fines are normally not removed until the full investigation is completed; so in many unfortunate cases victims are left without a single penny in the bank while they wait on the police and other agencies to properly investigate the matter.

All of these problems can be avoided if the debit card is used like a credit card, because then Visa or MasterCard would be the ones refunding the money since it is their responsibility to prosecute the criminals involved. This means the money is only out of your bank account for a couple of hours; so your personal losses and headaches are kept to a minimum.

Encryption Techniques

Now, that’s not to say that debit cards are not safe to use online, because most virtual casinos have security measures that would rival top government agencies around the world. In fact, online deposits through debit cards (or credit for that matter) are encrypted with software that scrambles the numbers so many times that it wouldn’t even look like a number anymore. The cool part is, the encryption is not like the coded messages people sent hundreds of years ago where each party had a special decoder ring; instead, a random code is assigned to each character by the computer on every single transaction, meaning that the cashiers at the casino do not even know what your debit card number is.

To provide a brief rundown of how this works without all of the technical jargon; your credit card number is scrambled as its sent to the casino, and in turn they turn around and forward that to the credit or debit provider for authorization. During this second step it’s jumbled up even more, so even if a thief was sitting inside the bank and reading their computer monitors, all he would see was a few lines of jumbled code that meant absolutely nothing. The software used in this process is the only one who knows what the credit or debit number really is, so it is a virtually unhackable system. When it comes to debit cards, consumers are protected more at an online casino than they are inside a restaurant or their local grocery store.


Consumers should know a little bit about keyloggers though, because that is where the majority of credit and debit card numbers end up being stolen. A keylogger is a simple computer program that records every key that is typed in and what programs were running while the typing takes place. Hackers have designed viruses that use keyloggers on other people’s computer systems in hopes of capturing someone typing in a credit card number or logging into a financial website, because their program steals the information before it has a chance to become encrypted.

To avoid being the victim of a keylogger, always use the on-screen keyboard feature whenever it is offered by a website. Although it may take a few seconds longer, all the keylogger sees is a mouse moving around the screen…it can not see the screen itself. Another smart method is to obtain a program that fills in common forms automatically. Once you store your credit of debit card information within one of these programs, you can fill it in with a click of the mouse instead of having to type it.

Online Casinos that Accept Debit Cards

There are a number of quality online casinos that accept debit card transactions. Here are a few of the more popular debit card options and which casinos have the highest acceptance rate for each of them.

MasterCard and Visa

Even though these are technically credit cards, either a Visa or a MasterCard logo appears on over 60% of the world’s debit cards so we will touch on this briefly. The success rate seems to be higher overall for MasterCard brand debit cards and the actual approval process is much quicker as well, so if you have a choice then that is the debit card to try first.

With that said, it also makes sense for international players to simply purchase a pre-paid MasterCard from a local store and use it instead. Not only does it give an extra layer of security and make the transaction anonymous, but it also ensures that the overall transaction from start to finish will only take minutes.

Bet 365 currently has the highest approval rates on the internet for Visa and MasterCard transactions and they are also the industry leader when it comes to quality gaming, fast payouts, and customer service.


Maestro is owned by MasterCard and designed with the busy European lifestyle in mind. It is accepted anywhere that MasterCard can be used, but it tends to have much higher acceptance rates when it comes to online deposits. The approval rate is virtually 100% at both Bet 365 and Rushmore Casino. Both of them have top quality sportsbooks, hundreds of casino style games, and live poker tournaments as well.

Laser Card

Laser Card is the premiere debit card of choice for Irish players, but unfortunately very few online casinos accept it for deposits. Bet 365 is the only reputable casino that accepts Laser at this time but that is expected to change in the near future.


The MyPokerCard is a prepaid MasterCard that is accepted by every online casino in existence. The only exceptions would be the websites that have not updated their encryption security within the past few years; they tend to have approval rates around 30%. Websites like Bet 365 and Rushmore can process these transactions instantly though, with a success rate very close to 100%.

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